2017 Scribal Calendar * Updated

Hello List of Glorious Wyewood!

The sun was out for a bit today making me think of Spring and Summer and all the great events that are coming up in the Barony and the Kingdom.  At these events there will be lovely Scrolls and Charters needed for the hard working and skilled members of the populous.  I need help from new and experienced Scribal members to come out and play with paints and inks with me.  Below is the schedule of upcoming Scribal days to add to your calendars.

Sunday, March 19 – Open Scribal from 1:00pm at Alamanda’s house
Sunday, April 2 – Gold Leaf Class at Alamanda’s * FULL
Friday, April 14 – FCS (if there is one this date) PLEASE TURN IN SCROLL BLANKS * I need to inventory so finished or not I need them back.
Wednesday, April 19 – Open Scribal evening 6:00pm at Alamanda’s (soup and breads for dinner)
Sunday, May 7 – Open Scribal from 1:00pm * anyone want to host?
Tuesday, May 23 – Open Scribal evening 6:00pm at Alamanda’s (pot luck?)

All skill levels are welcome to come out and learn the manuscript arts or go through my library of books for fun!  I have all the tools and materials you may need to play with and usually send you home with a kit too!

If you have questions about the scribal arts or need the address and directions to my home please email me at claretcup01 @ hotmail. com or call/text 425-306-6224.

In service,

Lady Alamanda de Claret
Wyewood Scribe