2017 Scribal Calendar

Greetings to the wondrous populous of Wyewood!

As the sun and moon gently spin and tumble, marking the passing of time, I want to ensure that your calendars are marked with upcoming Wyewood Scribal days.  This is a few different days that hopefully allow for more flexibility for those who work or would be returning from events on weekends.

Sunday, January 22 – afternoon from 1:00pm * hosted by Alamanda

Sunday, February 12 – afternoon from 1:00pm

Wednesday, February 22 – evening at Alamanda’s (pizza and greens for dinner)

Sunday, March 19 – afternoon from 1:00pm

Wednesday, April 19 – evening at Alamanda’s (soup and breads for dinner)

I also hope to be at more of the Friday ‘Full Contact Socials’ with my books and small practice kits.

Scribal workshops are open to new-comers and experienced Scribes alike with pen, ink, brush and paint available to try.

If you have questions about the scribal arts or need the address and directions to my home please email me at claretcup01@ hotmail. com or call/text 425-306-6224.

In service,

Lady Alamanda de Claret

Wyewood Scribe