Archery Practice Report for 7/8/15

Greetings Archers!

Well the weather was not set to “Broil” today and a breeze kept things cooler and much more interesting for shooting!

Apparently apologies are in order, one of the guys must have put out the “No Girls Allowed” sign and we were stuck with six men on the range. Mea Culpa!

To the scores!

Evrard: 87
Gervais: 84

Tymme:101 (One of his best and he’s back to a Grand Master average again!)
Gervais: 79

Period Crossbow:
Tymme: 90

This weekend I’ll have the range with full loaner gear. Weather looks like it will be optimal for archery!

In Service,
Evrard de Valogne,
Chief Archer of Wyewood