A topic for New Business at FCS on Jan-27

Greetings Wyewood!

We were contacted by the Lion’s Blood Herald with a question.

To the south and east in the lands of Ansteorra (Oklahoma) lies a Canton that is
currently submitting for their name.  They wish to be called ‘Wyldewode’
pronounced “Wildwood.” Each branch/person in the SCA has a unique name and Arms
when they are registered. This is obviously very close our branch’s name and the
College of Heralds noticed and called it a conflict.

However it did not end there as anyone who has a name/device conflict can ask
the one they are conflicting with for permission to do so. Wyldewode is asking
permission to conflict with our barony’s name.

We are asking for commentary on this matter as it affects all of us.

Please come to the FCS this Friday for the business meeting so we may give
Lion’s Blood a speedy but thoughtful reply. If you cannot make it to the social
please contact us through our email coronets@wyewood.org with your opinion.

Thank you!

Evrard and Alessandra