An announcement from the Crown of An-Tir

Greetings to the populace of Wyewood.

While her excellency and I attended Baroness War this weekend we had the opportunity to meet with the crown about our recent Baronial polling.

During the consultation, we all agreed with the opinion of the crown that there was insufficient support from the populace for Gabri and I to continue with another term.

So, in the near future, the kingdom will be contacting our seneschal and her deputy, to start the likely months long process to select a new set of Baronial Candidates. Gabri and I will continue to serve as your coronets until this process is completed. No one has any idea how long this process will take. But we can make estimates using the the experiences of other baronies to gauge from.

Now is the time for members of our populace to consider who they would like to be the second Baron and Baroness of our Wonderful Barony. Think seriously if any of you would like to volunteer for the position.

We are both grateful for the opportunity to serve the populace of Wyewood and the Crown. We have been honored by the support and friendship of the populace. I has been a fun ride and we’ve enjoyed every minute.

We will say now that neither of us are going anywhere.

We will still be around the Barony. We will just be serving in another way.

In Service to the Crown, Wyewood and the dream.

Robert (de la) Trinitie (the chickenhearted)

Gabrielle Lepinay.