Archery Practice Report for 6/17/15

This afternoon, under sunny yet not broiling skies, gathered 18 archers to try their hand at the marks.

Practices just seem to get bigger and Chief Archer’s smile just gets wider in pride.

Seven archers reported scores and the rest of us enjoyed trying new bows and trying new yardages. Soon archers, we ALL will record scores for I know you are ALL awesome like that!

To the Scores!

Gryffydd ap Madyn: 81
Irene: 52
Sebhdann: 58

Dearbhail: 78

Avine: 55 (Career High!)
Gervais: 68

Period Crossbow:
Tymme: 98
John de Percy: 84
Gervais: 82

Xenos is picking up the gear for the 6/20 practice so it will happen!
Thank you sir!

In Service,
Evrard de Valogne
Chief Archer of Wyewood