Archery Report for 9/2/15

Though I greatly enjoyed the rain the last few days I always want sun on Wednesdays in the summer. Thank you Excellencies (who are *of course* responsible for the weather) for the lovely day!

Later in the season some archers like to try new things. This can be shooting a new bow or trying Royal Rounds for the first time. Confession…I volun-told a new archer Jeff (who found a gorgeous Bear Tamerlane in ebay, jealous!) to shoot his first Royal and another new archer, KC, joined him. They both shot really well as you will see! Tymme is changing things up by using his longbow more and is really making good strides and I *think* we might have fixed something for him that could really pay dividends in the future.

Note: Old and new archers can and should use coaching. If you see something that might help, first ASK if you can suggest something. If not sure ask one of our marshals if it’s ok. Some archers have specific people they listen to so if they say “I only take instruction from Avine” that’s fine. They have found a communication style that works for the two of them and so ask Avine if they are working on something and oh did she notice “X”?

To the Scores!

Ekaterina/ Onora: 64 (Career high!)
Jeff Reed: 47 (First Royal Round, great job!)
KC Johnson: 64 (First Royal Round, wow!)
Gervais Blakglove: 98 (Season high!)
Sebhdann: 51

Deabhail: 90 (Season High!)
Tymme: 67 (Career High!)

In Service,
Evrard de Valogne
Chief Archer of Wyewood