Art of War Event

Greetings from the Art of War Event Team

We would truly enjoy having you join us this year! Please remember it is Pre-Reg only, and requires only armor, a good bedroll and your favorite tankard. We supply all meals and snacks, all home made by a team of wonderful chefs and bakers!

We have posted the instructor Biographies and training info on the An Tir event calendar
If you are more a Facebook communicator you can join us there to discuss the event and ask questions. We are SCA-ArtofWar on FB or .

This is a great place to get answers to questions, and learn who else is looking to add to their war band. Classes include everything from heavy fighting and rapier to missile combat and marshalling! We also have a track for war support!

If you want to invite others we welcome you to do so, you can use the Facebook event at Space is limited, and is on a first come first serve basis.

Looking forward to seeing many Great Warriors of An Tir!
Posted For the Art of War Team