Baronal polling has been extended. Please, send in your form!

Greetings all,

Please tell everyone you know who live in the borders of wyewood to send in their polling form. The crown is really looking for feedback on our selected candidates. So much so, they have extended the polling deadline for them.

The biggest issue we are probably having is that we have 4 baronies in a 40 mile radius and I’d guess, on average, half of the people who “live” in any given barony probably either play with the neighboring barony, or just on a kingdom level. In the past, people who don’t play with us have been hesitant to voice an opinion on our internal issues. But according to the SCA inc, those people *are* a part of us. (Face it. Legally…. you are stuck with us. 😉 )
Also, if your minor children are SCA members, they probably got a polling form too. While you may feel that your child is too young to have a say, their voice still counts towards our total population.

That includes people who live outside of Wyewood but play with us. Send their Magisties a missive explaining this along with your opinion of our current candidates.

So, please, please! send in your polling forms and independent letters. Even if it is simply to say something like: ” I live here but don’t play here” Or, “This individual is 6 years old and is too young to voice an opinion.” Or, “I only play at kingdom level, not local.” Or, “I play in Wyewood but don’t live there.”

Any reply….. positive, negative or neutral is much, much, *much* better than no reply at all.

IMPORTANT: While this response rate “problem” has been an major issue for us in the past, I have just (now) been assured by people in the know that a low response won’t affect our baronial status. But, it could affect the selection of who will be replacing Gabri and myself.

Since I also figure that the people who play with someone else won’t be reading this on the Wyewood lists. So I will be trying to forward this to the surrounding baronies.

Thank you for your time and attention.

In service to the Kingdom, Crown and the Barony.

Baron Robert (de la) Trinitie (the chickenhearted)
Baron of Wyewood.

Gabrielle Lepinay.
Baroness Wyewood.