Casting Pewter

Greetings to fair Wyewood and beyond,

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be hosting an Introduction to Pewter Craft class.  This will be a hands-on class – each student will receive a stone mold ready to carve, and may expect to depart with the mold and a cast token of their own design.

Students wishing to learn to make buttons or pins (requiring three-part molds) should take this class first, to gain familiarity with the process and materials.

Why learn how to cast pewter?
Pewter items are a wonderful way to bring medieval aesthetics to our re-created world, as site tokens for events and on our clothes.

Pewter craft is relatively easy and inexpensive, and almost anyone can do it.

Perhaps after learning this craft you would like to take on a larger projects, such as site tokens for Twelfth Night 2017.

Saturday November 21st, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Liadain’s home one mile south of the FCS location in Renton. Address and directions will be sent to students. There is a slight chance that this may be moved to Spike’s home in southeast Seattle.

$8.00 per student – payable before the class.  This covers the cost of the mold and pewter, as well as handouts.

Modern clothes of natural fibers in which you are comfortable and willing to get a little dusty or splashed by bits of pewter.  Full foot covering shoes, long sleeves and long pants/skirts, are recommended, also high necklines – ask about Spike’s scars 😉

Students are encourage to bring their own tools if they wish, but we have a selection of tools for your use.  Very small (1/8” or less) chisels or other scraping tools, Exacto knives, and small metal Dremel bits in hand-tool holders are popular tools with pewter crafters, as are tools make from brass rod stock.  Soap stone is fairly soft, and many tools used for clay crafts will work with stone.

This class will be taught by Mistress Spike Zoetaert (Maddy DuMont) will teach the class.  Other folks with pewter experience will likely attend to assist and encourage.

We will take up to 4 students for this class, first come, first served.
A waiting list will be made and we may be able to expand to 8 students.  Additional classes will be offered in the future if there is interest.  If you happen to be under 18, have your parent contact Spike.

A message will be sent to the students with advice on research and design so they can come prepared to make the thing!

We look forward to sharing this fun and rewarding craft!


Liadain ni Sheanachain and Spike Zoetaert

To register, contact Liadain at debra.greywolf (at) gmail (dot) com

For questions about contact, contact Spike at maddydumont (at) Comcast (dot) net