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Art of War Event

Greetings from the Art of War Event Team

We would truly enjoy having you join us this year! Please remember it is Pre-Reg only, and requires only armor, a good bedroll and your favorite tankard. We supply all meals and snacks, all home made by a team of wonderful chefs and bakers!

We have posted the instructor Biographies and training info on the An Tir event calendar
If you are more a Facebook communicator you can join us there to discuss the event and ask questions. We are SCA-ArtofWar on FB or .

This is a great place to get answers to questions, and learn who else is looking to add to their war band. Classes include everything from heavy fighting and rapier to missile combat and marshalling! We also have a track for war support!

If you want to invite others we welcome you to do so, you can use the Facebook event at Space is limited, and is on a first come first serve basis.

Looking forward to seeing many Great Warriors of An Tir!
Posted For the Art of War Team

2017 Scribal Calendar * Updated

Hello List of Glorious Wyewood!

The sun was out for a bit today making me think of Spring and Summer and all the great events that are coming up in the Barony and the Kingdom.  At these events there will be lovely Scrolls and Charters needed for the hard working and skilled members of the populous.  I need help from new and experienced Scribal members to come out and play with paints and inks with me.  Below is the schedule of upcoming Scribal days to add to your calendars.

Sunday, March 19 – Open Scribal from 1:00pm at Alamanda’s house
Sunday, April 2 – Gold Leaf Class at Alamanda’s * FULL
Friday, April 14 – FCS (if there is one this date) PLEASE TURN IN SCROLL BLANKS * I need to inventory so finished or not I need them back.
Wednesday, April 19 – Open Scribal evening 6:00pm at Alamanda’s (soup and breads for dinner)
Sunday, May 7 – Open Scribal from 1:00pm * anyone want to host?
Tuesday, May 23 – Open Scribal evening 6:00pm at Alamanda’s (pot luck?)

All skill levels are welcome to come out and learn the manuscript arts or go through my library of books for fun!  I have all the tools and materials you may need to play with and usually send you home with a kit too!

If you have questions about the scribal arts or need the address and directions to my home please email me at claretcup01 @ hotmail. com or call/text 425-306-6224.

In service,

Lady Alamanda de Claret
Wyewood Scribe

Gold Leaf Class * April 2nd * 1pm

On Sunday, April 2nd I will be teaching a class on flat and raised gold leaf.  There will be a hand out with historical references and pictures and you will get to try out the method and techniques using different sizes (glues) and real gold leaf. Each scribe will go home with a small kit of materials and something shiny too.  Cost of the class will be $5.00 to cover gold purchase. Limited to 8 people and RSVP needed by March 15th. Please email me or call/text 425 306 6224 to save your space and for the address/directions.

In service,

Lady Alamanda de Claret

Wyewood Baronial Scribe

Fiber Night Thursday

Greetings Wyewood,

Fiber Night is this week Thursday, March 2. It starts at 7:00 at the Starbucks by Ikea. The address is 8825 S 180th St, Kent, WA 98032. It is on the south side of 180th between Baja Fresh and Jack in the Box See you there!

In Service,


Scribal Open House Sunday 1pm

Reminder that this Sunday is a scribal at Alamanda’s beginning at 1pm.

The Wyewood scroll case has been most happily depleted and needs help from all skill levels to replenish.  Also, I will have Kingdom Charters that Their Majesties of An Tir need right away.  If you are new and want to try illuminating for the first time I have notecard designs that you can enjoy painting and practice color and brush skills on.  Or come for company and look through my library of books for scribal arts, costuming, tablet weaving, and many other areas of the medieval crafts we enjoy practicing.

Please email, call or text me at 425 306 6224 for address and directions.

In service, covered in ink splatters,
Alamanda de Claret, Wyewood Scribe

2017 Scribal Calendar

Greetings to the wondrous populous of Wyewood!

As the sun and moon gently spin and tumble, marking the passing of time, I want to ensure that your calendars are marked with upcoming Wyewood Scribal days.  This is a few different days that hopefully allow for more flexibility for those who work or would be returning from events on weekends.

Sunday, January 22 – afternoon from 1:00pm * hosted by Alamanda

Sunday, February 12 – afternoon from 1:00pm

Wednesday, February 22 – evening at Alamanda’s (pizza and greens for dinner)

Sunday, March 19 – afternoon from 1:00pm

Wednesday, April 19 – evening at Alamanda’s (soup and breads for dinner)

I also hope to be at more of the Friday ‘Full Contact Socials’ with my books and small practice kits.

Scribal workshops are open to new-comers and experienced Scribes alike with pen, ink, brush and paint available to try.

If you have questions about the scribal arts or need the address and directions to my home please email me at claretcup01@ hotmail. com or call/text 425-306-6224.

In service,

Lady Alamanda de Claret

Wyewood Scribe

Arts Unframed Staff Needed

Greetings Wyewood,

In order to prepare my event proposal for Arts Unframed 2017, I need to have some basic event staff in place.   Please let me know if you can fill any of the following positions:

Gate Manager – Arranges staffing of gate, brings appropriate seed money and paperwork, makes sure paper work is completed correctly and that gate monies come out correctly at the end.

Lunch Coordinator – Plans a lunch menu and arranges for preparation and service of lunch.

Deputy Event Steward – Various support tasks such as preparing Crier copy, creating and disseminating  electronic and hardcopy advertisement, arranging for storage materials to come on site and return appropriately, and arranging for event staff (other than lunch and gate) as needed.  I consider this a necessary position as I am strongly considering going back to school next year and will need the support, and this is the last year I will run the event so this is an excellent opportunity for someone to learn it.

Please respond if you are interested in any of these, or if you have questions about these positions!

In Service,


Culinary Feast Prep

Good Day Lords & Ladies,

*Theme:* Feast Prep (Chopping & Cooking for Feast)

*When:* Wednesday September 28nd 6pm – ?

*Location*: 4412 S 160th Street Tukwila, WA 98188 (please park on the
street in the pull outs)

Address is a little hard to see, but there is a yellow post in the shared
driveway with 4410 on it and I am the house in the front.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Have a great week.

Maura da Vicopisano

Are you ready for 12th Night? We can help! please forward this email far and wide

Whether you need inspiration, help, or just get it done kind of nudge please come and join us for Part 1 in series of classes.

**Sept 9, FCS: “Twelfth Night Outfit Prep: From Illumination to Garment”,
part 1.” This week at FCS! Yes this Friday in Wyewood we will get started on that special garb.

Join Adrianna the Fierce in figuring out a new outfit to make in time for
Twelfth Night. In session one, we will talk about sources, scaling from an
illumination, and rough pattern making tricks for clothing from early to
about 1450.

If you bring your pictures of chosen costumes, patterns you’d like to
modify, crap fabric or muslin, sharpie, measuring tape, we can see how far
along we can get each other in stage one, mapping it out.

There will also be a support Facebook group for twelfth night new outfits to
help everyone when they get stuck and to share tips, trade fabrics, talk
about where to get fabric, etc. Remember, you don’t have to dress in your
persona for twelfth night; you can do whatever you want.

Our FCS and Business meetings are held at the United Christian Church at 15509 116th Ave SE in Renton (near Benson Hill Elementary school).

In Service,
Lady Constantia in der Lachun
A&S officer for Wyewood

Upcoming Events

Oct. 14 – FCS: “Twelfth Night Outfit Prep: From Illumination to Garment”, part 2.” Are you ready for 12th Night Court? Is your court dress in need of primping? by Adrianna the Fierce, the new Wyewood A&S Champion.

November 11th, FCS: “Twelfth Night Outfit Prep: From Illumination to Garment”, part 3.” Are you ready for 12th Night Court? Is your court dress in need of primping, by Adrianna the Fierce. In the series of taking a source to a wearable garment. Rectangular construction and How to get the most out of your material. Actual cutting of pattern or fabric and start the sewing.