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Youth Armored Combat Sunday

Just a reminder that Kat and I will be at the Renton practice tomorrow, Sunday the 21st for youth combat activities. 11 am to 2 pm Kennydale Elementary School, 1700 NE 28th S.We will try to be there on the 3rd and 1st sunday of every month.
Lady Sarah Pixie

Archery practice Nov 27 recap

4 brave (or maybe crazy?) people came out to shoot in the cold weather.
There were 3 crossbows and a stray longbow 😉 Scores submitted before we
went to lunch were:

Avine – 57, John – 88, Tymme – 96

Period Longbow:
Dearbhail – 66

Period Crossbow:
Avine – 64, John – 96, Tymme – 108

Period Longbow IKAC:
Dearbhail – 142

Tymme “Prodkiller” Lytefelow, OGGS

Thrown Weapons Practices (re-posted from Wyewood Archery list)

I’m pleased to announce that Evrard has two new Assistant Thrown Weapons Deputies for Wyewood, Dearbhail and Rurik.
Additionally, I’m very happy to say that they have volunteered to run thrown weapons practices on Saturdays at the Wyewood range per the schedule below. As most of you know, I will not be available for a while during my recovery from surgery.
The start and end time for some of these TW practices may vary from archery practice – the TW marshal assistant deputy who is in charge for the date will announce the start and end times a day or two in advance of the practice date.
As for archery practice, if weather is an issue the TW deputy who is in charge of running that date’s practice will confirm via the Wyewood Archery yahoo list whether or not thrown weapon practice is on or cancelled for a particular date.
Nov 14 – Rurik
Nov 21 – Dearbhail
Dec 12 – Rurik
Dec 19 – Dearbhail
Jan 9 – Rurik
Feb 13 – Rurik
Feb 27 – Dearbhail
Mar 12 – Rurik
Mar 26 – Dearbhail
Apr 9 – Rurik
Apr 23 – Dearbhail
Many thanks to Rurik and Dearbhail for stepping up to do this!
Please let me know if you have any question.
Emma la rousse d’Argentan
Yeoman to her Excellency Emmelina, Baroness of Madrone
Arcuarius to Dearbhail ingen Donnachaich
Thrown Weapons Deputy to
Evrard de Valogne, Chief Archer of Wyewood

Oct 17 archery practice recap

We had 20 people come out and take advantage of the rain holding off.
Scores submitted were:

Gryffyth – 76, KC – 54, Geoffrey – 90 (career high, now ranked Master
Bowman!), Alaricus – 93, Debora – 19 (first score ever I think)

Gwalchgwyn – 52, Alaricus – 77, John – 49, Tymme – 51

Tymme – 94

Period Crossbow:
Avine – 70 (career high!), Tymme – 100

Tymme Lytefelow, OGGS

Archery report for 9/30/15

Greetings Archers,

The autumn briskness greeted us even as the sun brightly shone on the range today, reminding us the season is just a few weeks from ending on All Hallows Eve. 15 archers enjoyed the last Wednesday practice and many turned in some great scores adding to their progress!

Something that inspires me is people finding a way to keep enjoying archery despite giving up a category or two by finding another. First Tymme, recovering from neck surgery a few years ago, turned to crossbow and absolutely excelled at it. Now, his wife Avine follows in the same footsteps as physical limitations dictate the change. And guess who is make great strides now? Got it in one, it’s Avine!

Another thing is seeing a person who has languished in lower scores with a “I enjoy shooting but I’ll never get any better” attitude rededicate themselves and see real progress. Gwalchgwyn “Gawin” of Blatha an Oir had just struggled in the last couple of years since coming to Wednesday practices with us, but this year something has clicked. His renewed passion has brought him to weekend practices and for the first time attended Bows and Blades last weekend. Way to go!

To the scores!
Geoffrey of the Reeds: 77
KC: 43
Gwalchgwyn: 66
Sebhdann: 62
Evrard: 98 (Season High)
Onora: 58

Tymme: 58

Avine: 68 (Career High!)

Period Crossbow:
Avine: 68 (Career High too!)

In service,
Evrard de Valogne,
Chief Archer of Wyewood

Archery Report for 9/2/15

Though I greatly enjoyed the rain the last few days I always want sun on Wednesdays in the summer. Thank you Excellencies (who are *of course* responsible for the weather) for the lovely day!

Later in the season some archers like to try new things. This can be shooting a new bow or trying Royal Rounds for the first time. Confession…I volun-told a new archer Jeff (who found a gorgeous Bear Tamerlane in ebay, jealous!) to shoot his first Royal and another new archer, KC, joined him. They both shot really well as you will see! Tymme is changing things up by using his longbow more and is really making good strides and I *think* we might have fixed something for him that could really pay dividends in the future.

Note: Old and new archers can and should use coaching. If you see something that might help, first ASK if you can suggest something. If not sure ask one of our marshals if it’s ok. Some archers have specific people they listen to so if they say “I only take instruction from Avine” that’s fine. They have found a communication style that works for the two of them and so ask Avine if they are working on something and oh did she notice “X”?

To the Scores!

Ekaterina/ Onora: 64 (Career high!)
Jeff Reed: 47 (First Royal Round, great job!)
KC Johnson: 64 (First Royal Round, wow!)
Gervais Blakglove: 98 (Season high!)
Sebhdann: 51

Deabhail: 90 (Season High!)
Tymme: 67 (Career High!)

In Service,
Evrard de Valogne
Chief Archer of Wyewood

July 15 archery practice recap

14 people came out to enjoy an unexpectedly modified practice that also
included the return of lost archers!

Today we saw Lovell, Leonard and Trish, and Edwin on the range!

The practice was modified due to the unexpected presence of cars on the
range, so most of the practice we could only shoot the 20, with the 30 able
to be uncovered near the end of practice.

Score submitted:
Target Buster:
Tymme – crossbow – 105

Tymme “Prodkiller” Lytefelow, OGGS

Archery Practice Report for 7/8/15

Greetings Archers!

Well the weather was not set to “Broil” today and a breeze kept things cooler and much more interesting for shooting!

Apparently apologies are in order, one of the guys must have put out the “No Girls Allowed” sign and we were stuck with six men on the range. Mea Culpa!

To the scores!

Evrard: 87
Gervais: 84

Tymme:101 (One of his best and he’s back to a Grand Master average again!)
Gervais: 79

Period Crossbow:
Tymme: 90

This weekend I’ll have the range with full loaner gear. Weather looks like it will be optimal for archery!

In Service,
Evrard de Valogne,
Chief Archer of Wyewood

Archery Practice Report for 6/17/15

This afternoon, under sunny yet not broiling skies, gathered 18 archers to try their hand at the marks.

Practices just seem to get bigger and Chief Archer’s smile just gets wider in pride.

Seven archers reported scores and the rest of us enjoyed trying new bows and trying new yardages. Soon archers, we ALL will record scores for I know you are ALL awesome like that!

To the Scores!

Gryffydd ap Madyn: 81
Irene: 52
Sebhdann: 58

Dearbhail: 78

Avine: 55 (Career High!)
Gervais: 68

Period Crossbow:
Tymme: 98
John de Percy: 84
Gervais: 82

Xenos is picking up the gear for the 6/20 practice so it will happen!
Thank you sir!

In Service,
Evrard de Valogne
Chief Archer of Wyewood