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Wyewood Champions!

Rescheduled from August 5th to Saturday, August 26th,

Location:  in Kent, Wyewood’s regular archery field.

Gate Fee: $7 for members and $12 for non-members. Under 18 is free. Lunch is only $5.

Schedule for Wyewood Champions:
7am volunteers begin set-up.
9am gate opens to public.
10am opening court. Swearing in competitors
10:30 heavy and thrown weapons
11:30 rapier.
12:30-lunch, A&S, archery begins
3pm final rounds of archery
4pm closing court

All competitors will be expected to declare their intentions to compete at opening court (10am), and be willing to swear an oath of fealty or service if they should be victorious (4pm). Competitors are not required to be current SCA members. They shall not be champions in another branch at the same time without permission of the Baron & Baroness (please email by Friday if this applies).

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
* Attend Baronial events during tenure as Champion
* Promote within the Branch and abroad activities associated with their Championship
* Defend the Branch against all challengers in the field relating to their Championship
* Assist in coordinating a tournament to choose their successor
* Attend both the tournament to choose their successor and the
successor’s investiture

Rights include, but not limited to:
* Wear regalia appropriate to their station
* Sit at High Table at Wyewood Feasts if space is available
* Advise the Baronial Coronet in matters of peace and war

Rapier scenarios are London Masters in a round robin format.

Thrown weapons are royal rounds with some novelty scenarios.

A&S needs a single entry, mostly or completely finished, with at least 3 pages of documentation.

Archery will be novelty shoot combined with other, more standard shoot scenarios.

Armored tournament format will be based on the number of competitors.

Bring a dayshade, water, sunscreen. If you don’t want to compete, just hang out.

Hope to see you there.

Baroness Alessandra and Baron Evrard

Art of War Event

Greetings from the Art of War Event Team

We would truly enjoy having you join us this year! Please remember it is Pre-Reg only, and requires only armor, a good bedroll and your favorite tankard. We supply all meals and snacks, all home made by a team of wonderful chefs and bakers!

We have posted the instructor Biographies and training info on the An Tir event calendar
If you are more a Facebook communicator you can join us there to discuss the event and ask questions. We are SCA-ArtofWar on FB or .

This is a great place to get answers to questions, and learn who else is looking to add to their war band. Classes include everything from heavy fighting and rapier to missile combat and marshalling! We also have a track for war support!

If you want to invite others we welcome you to do so, you can use the Facebook event at Space is limited, and is on a first come first serve basis.

Looking forward to seeing many Great Warriors of An Tir!
Posted For the Art of War Team

Minutes from Wyewood Business Meeting (February 24th)

Wyewood Business Meeting
February 24, 2017

Officer Reports

*   Seneschal – one application has been received (from Liadain)
*   Archery – it’s happening. Some of the materials need to be replaced. This weekend (Feb 25 and 26) is Cupid Gets the Shaft
*   Heraldry – it’s happening. Considering putting together a consulting night with someone who can consult accept and send in heraldic submissions. This idea was met with excitement and Avine will set up something.
*   Rapier – Dearbhail has been managing waivers. A small group of people are attending and one new person is working on being authorized.
*   A&S – Activities are happening.
March 10th FCS – Playing with Gold – a discussion of gold leaf led by Alamanda
March 5th, 26th and April 15th – Project Day at Liadain and Ramon’s
March 19th (3rd Sunday) – Scribal (with gold) at Alamanda’s
March 2nd (1st Thursday) – Fiber Night at Starbucks across from IKEA hosted by Escarlamonde
Culinary and music are not happening at this time.
*   Chateliane – Alamanda has applied for the position
*   Exchequer – Checking balance is $13,655. David Keil(Baron)  and Amy Gembala (Seneschal) have been approved as signers on the account.
*   Chronicler – not in attendance. Liadain is taking notes
*   Chamberlain – not in attendance. We have stuff.
*   Webster – not in attendance. Updates are being made to the site and she is working with Tymme on finding a new hosting service.
*   Coronet – thanks for st Bubba’s Feast. Her Excellency is heading to Gulf Wars and taking gifts for the Canton of Wyldewode.

Event Reports

*   St. Bubba’s Feast (Nov 4th) was successful. More people came than last year. Food was good. Janitor likes us.
*   Don Donatello and Lady Constantia are working on a bid for Wyewood Champions.
*   Arts Unframed (September 30th) bid by Dame Escarlamonde has been accepted.
*   Their Excellencies of Blatha An Or have invited us to join them at their sargeantry trials October 13-15th. Her Excellencies seeks the opinion of the populace. Those in attendance think this is a good idea.

Next Meeting

*   March 24th.

-Liadain ni Sheanachain

Scribal Open House Sunday 1pm

Reminder that this Sunday is a scribal at Alamanda’s beginning at 1pm.

The Wyewood scroll case has been most happily depleted and needs help from all skill levels to replenish.  Also, I will have Kingdom Charters that Their Majesties of An Tir need right away.  If you are new and want to try illuminating for the first time I have notecard designs that you can enjoy painting and practice color and brush skills on.  Or come for company and look through my library of books for scribal arts, costuming, tablet weaving, and many other areas of the medieval crafts we enjoy practicing.

Please email, call or text me at 425 306 6224 for address and directions.

In service, covered in ink splatters,
Alamanda de Claret, Wyewood Scribe

Canton of Wyldewode

Greetings Wyewood!
As you may heard there is a new branch being created in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. This Canton wishes to be called Wyldewode and as their name is similar to Wyewood, they have requested permission of the heralds (and of us) to do so. Wyewood being a group of generous gentles has not only overwhelmingly said yes, but there have been requests (dare I say demands) that they be known as our sister branch.  
I am putting together a package of gifts for Her Excellency to take with her to Gulf Wars and deliver to a representative from (the now incipient) Canton of Wyldewode. I am accepting any and all donations for our cousins to the east. These are to be gifts for members of the populace.
I also have a book into which you are invited to write your own words to this new branch; they may be words of welcome, wishes of prosperity, a favorite memory of the SCA, or a beautiful drawing. I am touched by those that have already penned their entry. I will have this book with me at the FCS on February 10th and the meeting on February 24th. If you are unable to attend any of those meetings and would like a message included, please send it to me via email (lady.liadain @ and I will be sure that it is included.
-Liadain ni Sheanachain

Thank yous from the steward of the Feast of St. Bubba

Greetings Wyewood,
Now that I am somewhat rested and have had a bit of time to collect my
thoughts, I would like to offer my thanks to all who helped make this Feast
of St. Bubba a successful event.  To any I have missed, I offer apologies.
A team may require a leader, but a leader is nothing without the support and
dedication of their team.

My thanks to Her Majesty Dagrun Stjarna, Baroness Aelisia of Glymm Mere,
Baron Conchobar and Baroness Eilidh of Dragon’s Laire, and Baron Enzio and
Baroness Spike of Madrone for joining us for our humble event.
My thanks to Baroness Alessandra da Montefeltro for the beautiful site
tokens and for managing preregistration.  To Lady Alamanda de Claret for
fetching coffee for the sleepy set-up crew.   To Don Donatello Asino and
Lady Vilda Leusch for moving supplies to and from site.  To M’lord Geoffrey
of the Reeds, M’lady Eadaoin, Don Donatello, Lord Oddr Thialfason, Lord
Gabriel De La Roche, Lady Arabella de Fontaine, and others I did not see or
did not catch their names for set up and take-down.  To all those who sat
gate.  To Lord John de Percy, M’lady Gwir ferch John, and Lady Petronella
Kovacs for helping to manage table spacing when things got a bit
challenging.  To my teachers, Maestra Sara de Bonneville, Lady Adrianna the
Fierce, and Lord Emil of Dragon’s Laire for sharing your knowledge and joy
with us.  To Lady Alizand Thorgeirsson nee’ LeFevre for bringing the Youth
and Family Achievement Program display.  To Lady Marguerite fitz William for
not only running our Court of Love, but teaching a class about it earlier in
the day.  To Lord Ramon Diaz de la Vega for managing our Rapier tournament.
To Lady Wulfwyn Aethelwulfsdottir for creating a lovely box as a prize for
the tourney.  To Lady Arabella, Baroness Gabrielle Lepinay, M’lady Gwir, and
M’lady KC for the lovely decorations.  To Lady Talveen Kaur for running our
brewing contest.  To Lady Liadain ni Sheanachain for running our largess
contest.  To Lady Jorunn Aslaksdotter for the lovely music.  To Master
Robert Trinitie for running the dessert auction.  To Lord Xenos Makellares
for being the auctioneer and for managing servers.  To the Barony’s children
and Lady Liadain for serving.  To Lady Lianor Pereira do Valle for standing
in for me as Court Coordinator.  To Lord Oddr Thialfason for doing me the
honor of performing my Heraldic Baptism.  To Lady Sofia de Toledo for the
wonderful lunch.  I need the recipe for that chicken and garbanzo bean soup!
To the Madrone Culinary guild for the loan of serving dishes.  To Master
Robert and Baron Aladar Stensen for washing dishes.  To the wonderful, well
orchestrated kitchen crew.  To Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol for all the
advice and guidance you provided.
My deepest thanks to Lord Constantine Trewpeny and Lady Symonne d’Aywaille.
You did so many things I lost track but most especially managing gate.  To
Lady Gwendolyn MacAuslane of Loch Lomond, M’lady Gwir, Lady Liadain, Lady
Lianor, and Lady Petronella for tag-team caring for me and reminding me to
care for myself.  To Lady Petronella for being my ‘auxiliary brain’ during
the event.  To Tymme Lytefelow for creating the website, running lists, and
generally always being there when I needed.  To my Co-steward, Baroness
Gabrielle for managing advertising the event, the set-up of the tourney, and
a million other things.  To Lady Rignach of Argyll, for your unending “can
do” attitude, support, and faith in me.  The menu that you and Countess
Elisabeth presented was wonderful.
And finally, to Baron Evrard and Baroness Alessandra and to the Great Barony
of Wyewood for allowing me a chance to showcase our hospitality and
celebrate the accomplishments of our fellows and the joy we take in The
In service,
Lady Avine de Hert
Steward, Feast of St. Bubba

Chatelaine/Steward position coming available

After 4 years as Chatelaine, I’m ready to hand over the keys to the
Baronial Castle, with permission of their Excellencies and the
Seneschal of course!

Normally it’s a 2 year term, with options for renewal.

The Chatelaine/Steward is the prime person to provide information to
new comers, both new to the SCA and new to the area.  You would also
be the person to coordinate demos – although some of our demos happen
because of connections within the Barony.  You’re responsible on
reporting number of newcomer contacts, newcomers at events,
participation on demos, and use of Gold Key to the Coronets (B&B),
Seneschal, and Kingdom Chatelaine in the form of quarterly reports.
You should be able to attend events that the Barony sponsors (feasts,
tournaments, etc) in order to greet any newcomers and help them feel

Although my phone number is published, I rarely get phone calls
anymore.  Requests for info generally come via email, and sometime
through Facebook.

I’d like to “retire” at the end of the 1st quarter (Jan, Feb, March).

Yours in Service to the Dream,
THL Gwendolyn MacAuslane of Loch Lomond

A topic for New Business at FCS on Jan-27

Greetings Wyewood!

We were contacted by the Lion’s Blood Herald with a question.

To the south and east in the lands of Ansteorra (Oklahoma) lies a Canton that is
currently submitting for their name.  They wish to be called ‘Wyldewode’
pronounced “Wildwood.” Each branch/person in the SCA has a unique name and Arms
when they are registered. This is obviously very close our branch’s name and the
College of Heralds noticed and called it a conflict.

However it did not end there as anyone who has a name/device conflict can ask
the one they are conflicting with for permission to do so. Wyldewode is asking
permission to conflict with our barony’s name.

We are asking for commentary on this matter as it affects all of us.

Please come to the FCS this Friday for the business meeting so we may give
Lion’s Blood a speedy but thoughtful reply. If you cannot make it to the social
please contact us through our email with your opinion.

Thank you!

Evrard and Alessandra

Arts Unframed Staff Required

Greetings Wyewood!

I hope to make an event proposal for the next Arts Unframed on September 30, but in order to do so I need at least one more person to commit being on event staff!  So far Lady Sofia and Lady Liadain have volunteered and are flexible on position.  So that means that whoever volunteers can still be any one of these three: gate manager, lunch coordinator, deputy event steward.  Please let me know if you are interested.  I will NOT submit an event proposal until I have all three positions filled.

Thanks for reading!

In Service,


Wyewood Rocked 12th Night!!!

Greetings glorious barony!

Now that the dust has settled and we can think clearly once again we would
like to express how amazing last weekend was.  From setup to clearing out
the last items of 12th Night everything seemed to run so smoothly it looked

But we know better than that don’t we?  A huge amount of effort was put
into the event bid, team organization and execution by our Lady Liadain,
our esteemed event steward.  She epitomized such professionalism that even
the hotel staff was inspired by her and her notebook!  Thank you good Lady
for making the barony look so good.  TRM’s were quite impressed and enjoyed
everything calling it a “super job.”

There are so many to thank who supported a grand event like this.
Xenos, for your wrangling the merchants, and notably getting them packed
out before deadline, most impressive!

Constantine, for travelling out the icy wastes of Three Mountains with your
family to come and take charge of gate, well done.  Every time the baron
thought he would come and help it was “Thanks Excellency, we got this

To the captains and all those who took a shift at gate, your genuine smiles
made so many feel welcome to be in Wyewood.  Your knowledge of the site and
the event helped ease many concerns.  You did us all proud, thank you.

Sofia, thank you for making sure the numbers at gate added up and were
correct.  It’s such a comfort to know someone so thorough is checking!

Alamanda, thank you for single handedly making the site tokens!

To those who helped get all the “stuff” to site and set it up and taken
back down, thank you so much.  I know Master Robert was ever present during
the entire event and was always helping where needed.
Don Donatello, though you might think you did little more than drive to and
from site and our storage locker, it was so needed!

There are other activities other than the courts of Their Majesties and
meetings and a couple were the Arts and Sciences/Scribal display and the
12th Knight auction.  Brandy coordinated all the scrolls and they made an
amazing sight.  Dearbhail was incredible again and the auction had so many
great items, several donated by Wyewoodians of course!  Last number heard
was over $5,000 raised for the charity RAINN.  Her Majesty Shaya was

Arabella, Rachel and all those who helped in the hospitality room, thank
you.  Wyewood is known for this because of your generous spirits.

We would also like to say thank you to our retinue.  Both of us had colds
and they kept us sane by keeping us full of fluids and making sure we
rested.  Lianor, thank you for stepping in to relieve Liadain for the
weekend.  Ha’Nako, Eaodin, Geoffrey, thank you for your welcome company.

So proud of and grateful for all of you in this amazing barony,

Evrard and Alessandra
Baron and Baroness of Wyewood