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1/20 Last day to register for feast

Greetings all!
There are just two days left to register for the Feast of St. Bubba! Do you
have your seat reserved? Last day is Friday, January 20th!

Avine – Feast of St. Bubba steward


2017 Scribal Calendar

Greetings to the wondrous populous of Wyewood!

As the sun and moon gently spin and tumble, marking the passing of time, I want to ensure that your calendars are marked with upcoming Wyewood Scribal days.  This is a few different days that hopefully allow for more flexibility for those who work or would be returning from events on weekends.

Sunday, January 22 – afternoon from 1:00pm * hosted by Alamanda

Sunday, February 12 – afternoon from 1:00pm

Wednesday, February 22 – evening at Alamanda’s (pizza and greens for dinner)

Sunday, March 19 – afternoon from 1:00pm

Wednesday, April 19 – evening at Alamanda’s (soup and breads for dinner)

I also hope to be at more of the Friday ‘Full Contact Socials’ with my books and small practice kits.

Scribal workshops are open to new-comers and experienced Scribes alike with pen, ink, brush and paint available to try.

If you have questions about the scribal arts or need the address and directions to my home please email me at claretcup01@ hotmail. com or call/text 425-306-6224.

In service,

Lady Alamanda de Claret

Wyewood Scribe

Baron Wants You! (To give award recommendations!)

Greetings amazing people of Wyewood,

Baroness Alessandra and I need your help.
This season of feasting we have been travelling throughout the kingdom
visiting our cousins.  From in Glymm Mere in the south to the Great White
North of Tir Righ, we have been assisted by those who graciously
volunteered as retinue for us.
But as we have travelled, we have possibly missed the actions of those who
work hard to keep our barony strong.

Service, the willing hand offered to help, is the lifeblood of the Dream.
Did you witness acts of service worthy of recognition?  If not that is well
BUT if you did we want to hear from you!

Martial prowess is the strength upon which we depend on to defend our
lands. On the ranges or at the practice/tourney fields did you see acts of
chivalry worthy of note?  If yes, please tell us!

The Arts and Sciences are the heightened mind melded with skilled hands to
create so many of the things we hold dear.  From banners and boxes to bread
making every thing is created by us.
Have you seen any recent artistic works that deserve to be recognized?  We
want to know!

And if you see anyone new to our branch, aspiring to be better
everyday, pitching in where they can, first please thank them and then tell
us so we may also thank them for their efforts.

In short, we need you as our eyes so no one who does well in Wyewood is
missed in being recognized.

Many thanks!
Evrard & Alessandra
Baron & Baroness of Wyewood

Last Weekday practice is Sept 29th.

Greetings all,

With the changing of the seasons the sun is getting lower in the sky sooner
each passing day. Though it saddens me to say it the last weekday practice
for the summer shooting season will be September 29th.
So you have two more practices before it’s just Saturday practices.

There is yet another archery practice on Thursday evenings from 7-9ish.
Archos August Konker has been hosting an archery class at the Sea Tac
Community Center now for many years, longer than our range has been open.
It is indoor, comes with gear and instruction for a walk in fee. You can
also purchase a card for ten practices each quarter.

I go there to stay sharp and keep working on my form and the company is
excellent. This class has led to many archery joining Wyewood so going
there as an ambassador to the SCA is very worthwhile.

In Service,
Evrard de Valogne
Chief Archer of Wyewood

Wyewood Champions 2016 Post-Event Evaluation survey


At our August business meeting I was tasked to put together a SurveyMonkey
evaluation to be used as a post-event commentary from attendees. The survey for
Wyewood Champions is ready to roll out and I will keep it open for 10 days. As
of September 11, I will gather the commentary and forward it to the Event
Steward. It will also be filed with the event report.

Going forward we will be incorporating this post-event evaluation as part of our
event process.

Please go to SurveyMonkey and fill out the survey for Wyewood Champions 2016.
Many thanks,

Alessandra da Montefeltro
Wyewood Seneschal

Emprise of the Sable Lion is coming!!!

Greetings Archers!

This is your Chief Archer (for a bit longer that is) and I wanted to
encourage all to come to Emprise!
There will be pageantry! (You know, where people dress all cool and fancy
and carry banners and say froofy stuff.)
There will be Equestrian! (Because horsies are way super rad and horsies
playing games with riders is even better!)

But but but….there is Archery Fest the same weekend! Whatever shall we

Come to Emprise, trust me.
Not just one day, BUT TWO!!!
The first day will feature:
York Round but with trees to sight off of and usually no fickle wind to
fight through.
Period Shoots and Fun Shoots!
The Second day has:
Roving Stump Shoot- with gambling (of a sort, should be a hoot)
Clout Round!

But but Evrard, we could win prize arrows at Archery Fest!
You know who has made the prize arrows 3 times out of the last 5?

Wyewood Champions, the ones who make it happen

The making and running of an event is mind boggling. I am so grateful to so many. Please let me know if I miss you in this list- I know I will. So many talents, so much service…

Thank you to Lord Xenos for stepping up as event steward and for putting up with a baroness who demanded kisses every time he wanted to address the populace. He organized the event stunningly, and despite a sprained ankle, kept it running smoothly. And he’s hot.

Thank you to our former champions- Lord Heinrich, Lord Konrad, Arcos Daffyd, Master Rauthulfrand Yeoman Leo le Firce for designing and running the tournament to find their successor. Thank you to the additional marshals, Jacabo Don Enzio and Don Eagle, and to the multiple judges who assisted with Arts and Sciences.

Thank you so much to Lady Irene for running the lists.

Huge thank you to Arabella and Gabriel for running hospitality, and for Arabella for insisting a water break for the populace during what was our longest court.

Huge huge thanks to Lady Avine and Master Mir for the great skills in heralding and court organization. Avine, you made my life so easy, thank you. Mir, I loved how you made court run smoothly despite a randomly crying baroness, and how you tailored and changed each ceremony to help us make it personal as it should be. Thank you for all the town cries. Thank you to Lady Natasha for assisting as always as stunt herald and friend.

Thank you to Lady Vashti and Don Donatello for making sure everything we needed was present. Thank you Lady Vashti for running the very popular swap meet. Thank you both for feeding me coffee, and for helping me with our ending court dramatic enactment.

Thank you to Lady Miranda for creating the necklaces for awards.

Thank you to Lady Alamanda, Lady Catrione, Lady Vashti, Master Mir and the scribal team for creating scrolls that are a celebration.

Did I mention our event steward is hot? I really like him…

Thank you to Archos Evrard and Lady Alesandra for joining us in court. Thank you for the beautiful flowers and the loan of a sword.

Thank you to Lady Anne Mary Quinn for running a smooth and welcoming gate.

Many, many thanks to Lady Sophia for creating a beautiful and delicious lunch. Thank you to Lady Constantiaand Lady Symonnefor all the hard work you put in.

Thank you to the many who assisted in the setting up and taking down of the event.

Thank you to all who attended our event and shared your joy with us.

Thank you to our new members who took a chance with this craziness and liveliness that is the SCA. We hope to see you again soon.

In gratitude, love and service,

Baroness Gabrielle

Event Steward’s Log

Event Steward’s Log: This will be the last log post for a while, since I am leaving to go overseas on Wednesday. Before Coronation, I updated the An Tir Calendar page I have control of to include the event website and some more Laurels who agreed to come. I asked Sofia, who made the book check-out form last year, to share the form with Alamanda, who will manage book check-out this year.
At Coronation, I posted biffy fliers for the event and plugged the event during the Laurel meeting. Well, I also plugged it any time I could in reasonable conversation, too.
Since I will be going out of town and am uncertain about my electronic access, I will post to the FB page the dates of my absence so that people are aware that I may not reply to inquiries about the event immediately.