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Event Steward’s Log, Supplemental

Event Steward’s Log, Supplemental: One of my philosophies of being an event steward, is “Do one thing for the event, every day.” It doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes I answer someone’s e-mail about the event and let that count. One day I decided I wanted to make a collage of last year’s pictures for this year’s Facebook event. So I took a couple minutes to figure out how I could do that – I didn’t make the collage then, I just went to PowerPoint to check if I could overlap pictures on that program, and then cut it with the Snipping Tool. So it was just a moment figuring out how to do the thing, even if I wasn’t going to do the thing that moment. Some days I fish for thing I could do because nothing is urgent. Like one day it was, “Well, I guess I could start on the Crier ad.” One thing a day, and then one isn’t in a panicked rush at a due date, or overwhelmed with a lot to do at once.

Event Steward’s Log

Event Steward’s Log: At the business meeting at FCS, I asked who could forward the Facebook message about Arts Unframed to other local branches. I wrote down who agreed to send to which branch. Over the next day, as people told me when they shared the event, I checked them off my list. People I didn’t hear from specifically, I sent a private message to ask if they forwarded the event. I did end up getting the event shared on FB with all the local groups I was aiming for. In addition, I continued to have e-mail conversations with Tymme as the website is readied. I’ll release that info after Junefaire, because to send it out right before a major regional event seems like it’ll get buried in posts related to this weekend. In addition, I made biffy postings and handouts to take to Junefaire myself. Since Junefaire has a large A&S contingent, it will be an ideal time to promote my event one-on-one and get Laurels signed up to participate.

Event Steward’s Log

Event Stewards’ Log: I made biffy posting fliers and gave them to Ameline to post at May Crown. Tymme sent me a link to a draft website for feedback and I responded with some thoughts. I started on the Crier ad for this year (again cheating by starting with last year’s). I checked to see if the ad for the event on Facebook got posted to other branch’s Facebook pages – it seems it did not. I don’t really want to join a bunch of groups (which some require) just to post this ad. I will bring this up at the business meeting to see if I can get more formal agreements to share the ad to other groups. (If anyone is reading this who wants to share that ad,which is below, please do, and let me know which ones you shared with). In positive news, I just received my copy of the insurance certificate from the SCA, which means that the school district should have it any minute now, too.

Barony of Wyewood – Baronial Polling

Baron Robert de la Trinitie and Baroness Gabrielle Lepinay request nominations for those who would succeed them as the next Baron and Baroness of Wyewood.

Nominations should be sent to Lady Ameline de Beaumont at by May 15th, 2016.

Letters of Intent and Resumes are due on May 27th, 2016 – please forward copies to Baron Robert and Baroness Gabrielle at; and the Wyewood Deputy Seneschal (Ameline de Beaumont) at

Documents from all applicants will be forwarded in a single package to Their Majesties.

The following schedule outlines the remainder of the polling process:
June 5th, 2016 – Polling forms will be mailed;
June 10th, 2016 at 7:30pm – Candidate meet and greet with the populace at United Christian Church, 15509 116th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058;
June 17th, 2016 – Polling form deadline, forms must be postmarked by this date.

Only current, paid members who reside within the boundaries of the Barony are eligible to receive a polling form. Officers and Sergeants residing outside this area must contact the Deputy Seneschal (Ameline de Beaumont) with proof of membership and mailing address no later than June 5th, 2016.

Those who do not contact the Deputy Seneschal by this deadline will not receive a polling form. Anyone who does not receive a polling form is welcome to send comments to the Crown directly.

Additional questions may be directed to Lady Ameline de Beaumont, Deputy Seneschal of Wyewood, at

Event Steward’s Log

Event Steward’s Log — This week I finished filling out the site application, and wrote up the request for the insurance certificate we need to order for corporate. Fortunately, I have the request for the insurance certificate saved from the last Arts Unframed, so I could use that and just change the date. For the certificate order, I also confirmed with my site contact that the fax number to send the cert to was the same as last year. I sent Tymme, my website person, the information on what pages I’d like the event website to include. I contacted another person I knew who took lots of pictures at the last Arts Unframed and asked if I could use them for the new event website or FB page.

Esclarmonde de Porcairages

Fiber Night! New Location

Reminder that Fiber Night is tomorrow (Thursday) at a new location! It’s the Starbucks near Ikea and the archery range. The address is 8825 S 180th St, Kent, WA 98032. It is on the south side of 180th between Baja Fresh and Jack in the Box. Starts at 7:00.

Event Steward’s Log:

Event Steward’s Log: After much life happening, and having to move the event date, I’m finally able to really start the process of putting Arts Unframed together. Here’s what I did this week:
– I started by checking the An Tir calendar to make sure Blatha moved their event so we wouldn’t be on top of each other. Clicking on the link to Arts Unframed just to check it, I discovered the location was incorrect. Once you submit the EIF (Event Information Form) the calendar usually sends you a link that will let you edit your event’s calendar page yourself. I couldn’t find any record of that link so I e-mailed the calendar to get it again. They responded quickly and I at least deleted the incorrect information, and will get to adding more when I have more time.
– I checked if the event was on the Wyewood site, and discovered it was on the main page but with the old date. I e-mailed our webster to get that corrected (thanks Isidora!)
– I started thinking about the website and Facebook page and went looking at last year’s Arts Unframed FB page to see if there were good pictures I could use for the banner this year. I sent FB private messages to some folks who had taken pictures to ask their permission to use them.
– I started filling out the official site application from the Kent School District. The site manager already put me on the school calendar, but the official paperwork still has to go through the district office. In reading the application it reminded me that I need to order an insurance certificate.
– I e-mailed our exchequer Sofia to ask when the next convenient time would be to get a check to pay for the insurance certificate (it cots $50 and has to be ordered from corporate). This turns out to be the next FCS.

Esclarmonde de Porcairages

April Business Meeting

APRIL 2016 (4.22.2016) Wyewood business meeting minutes
7:10 open
HERALD – Chirugeon badges need to be resubmitted. Name and Armory progress being made. FCS heraldry classes going well.
ARCHERY- Practises happening. $ turned over to Alessandra. Quiver making class ahead.
RAPIER – Practises are happening. 6+ fighters and 3-4 youth.
CHATELAINE- 1st quarter quiet.
Gabrielle- Stepping down. Ameline will help with polling. Gold Key being worked on. Baroness War was amazing!
Robert – Crown want polling done before Coronation, turnover will happen later.
ARTS UNFRAMED- Eslcarmonde is beginning work.
YULE/ST BUBBA – Feb 4th?
12TH NIGHT- on track.
Xenos – volunteered by Gabrielle to replace our ropes- $150 for pavilion and hanky. Will need ropes from Storage.
Sergeantry Trials up in the air, BAO’s only candidate dropped out.
Ameline stepping in to do polling. Crier copy pending approval. Nominations must be in by May 9th. Letters of intent and SCA resume must be in by May 27. Polling forms will be mailed June 1. Meet & Greet canididates June 10 FCS. Polling form due June 17. All questions should go to Ameline.
And then the Baroness announced that she liked her husband.
Meeting closed 7:56
Vashti of Wyewood, Chronicler
megan Robertson


An announcement from the Crown of An-Tir

Greetings to the populace of Wyewood.

While her excellency and I attended Baroness War this weekend we had the opportunity to meet with the crown about our recent Baronial polling.

During the consultation, we all agreed with the opinion of the crown that there was insufficient support from the populace for Gabri and I to continue with another term.

So, in the near future, the kingdom will be contacting our seneschal and her deputy, to start the likely months long process to select a new set of Baronial Candidates. Gabri and I will continue to serve as your coronets until this process is completed. No one has any idea how long this process will take. But we can make estimates using the the experiences of other baronies to gauge from.

Now is the time for members of our populace to consider who they would like to be the second Baron and Baroness of our Wonderful Barony. Think seriously if any of you would like to volunteer for the position.

We are both grateful for the opportunity to serve the populace of Wyewood and the Crown. We have been honored by the support and friendship of the populace. I has been a fun ride and we’ve enjoyed every minute.

We will say now that neither of us are going anywhere.

We will still be around the Barony. We will just be serving in another way.

In Service to the Crown, Wyewood and the dream.

Robert (de la) Trinitie (the chickenhearted)

Gabrielle Lepinay.

February Wyewood Business Meeting Notes

Wyewood Business Meeting
February 26, 2016 7:15-7:56
Notes from Liadain ni Sheanachain


– Herald – two badge submissions have been returned. Sergeanty badge is pending
– Archery – no report
– Rapier – practice is happening, Sundays 1pm at Kennydale Elementary
– Arts and Sciences – A&S Championship did not happen at St Bubba’s due to lack of entrants; it will happen at a later event. Arts activities (project days, fiber nights, music practice) are happening within the Barony.
– Chatelaine – We have copies of the Known World Handbook available
– Exchequer – checking balance $7814.81, savings $6704.12
– Chronicler – no report
– Chamberlain – no report
– Webster – A test email has been sent out to the officers; please respond as requested.
– Baroness – We are excited about the upcoming polling. Bearwood Lunar Tea was fun.
– Baron – Candalmas events are coming up and so is Baronial polling.

– March 25th will be the Wyewood business meeting and baronial polling.
The Baron and Baroness of Aquaterra (Duchess Angharad and Bryson) will be in attendance as the representatives of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal to collect the polling forms. Populace members unable to attend in person need to request Absentee Polling Forms by emailing before March 12th.
Reported by Seneschal
– Wyewood Champions has a suggested date of August 6, 2016. This date currently conflicts with Druim Doineann’s Feast or Famine in Port Angeles and is listed as a Level 1 event. Several emails have been sent and a phone call placed with their Seneschal to request that we be able to conflict with their event; we haven’t yet received a response. Lord Xenos has a submitted a bid to be the Event Steward.
Reported by Seneschal
– Arts Unframed had a scheduled date of October 16. Unfortunately this
conflicts with Home Coming. The date will be changed to October 8th. BAO already had their sarjeanty trials scheduled for that date but they will be moving to a different date. A Date Reservation Form for October 8th has been submitted to the Kingdom Calendar.
Reported by Event Steward, Dame Esclarmonde
– Twelfth Night January 2017. 459 room nights have been reserved of a commitment of 405 room nights. The hotel continues to accept new reservations at the SCA rate. I suggest that the Barony reserve a suite on the Penthouse level and will submit information about this prior to the April business meeting. Report by Event Steward, Lady Liadain ni Sheanachain


– Additional sets of the Wyewood serve ware are available for purchase for $80 plus tax. This includes 2 bowls and 2 plates.
– The projector has been returned.
– Ramona/Ealusaid of Clan Blackstag will discuss June Faire Camping at the March business meeting.


– Ameline has brought books and beads and other items for sale.
– Liadain will be hosting project days on Saturday February 27th and Sunday March 13th.

-Liadain ni Sheanachain