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February Wyewood Business Meeting Notes

Wyewood Business Meeting
February 26, 2016 7:15-7:56
Notes from Liadain ni Sheanachain


– Herald – two badge submissions have been returned. Sergeanty badge is pending
– Archery – no report
– Rapier – practice is happening, Sundays 1pm at Kennydale Elementary
– Arts and Sciences – A&S Championship did not happen at St Bubba’s due to lack of entrants; it will happen at a later event. Arts activities (project days, fiber nights, music practice) are happening within the Barony.
– Chatelaine – We have copies of the Known World Handbook available
– Exchequer – checking balance $7814.81, savings $6704.12
– Chronicler – no report
– Chamberlain – no report
– Webster – A test email has been sent out to the officers; please respond as requested.
– Baroness – We are excited about the upcoming polling. Bearwood Lunar Tea was fun.
– Baron – Candalmas events are coming up and so is Baronial polling.

– March 25th will be the Wyewood business meeting and baronial polling.
The Baron and Baroness of Aquaterra (Duchess Angharad and Bryson) will be in attendance as the representatives of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal to collect the polling forms. Populace members unable to attend in person need to request Absentee Polling Forms by emailing before March 12th.
Reported by Seneschal
– Wyewood Champions has a suggested date of August 6, 2016. This date currently conflicts with Druim Doineann’s Feast or Famine in Port Angeles and is listed as a Level 1 event. Several emails have been sent and a phone call placed with their Seneschal to request that we be able to conflict with their event; we haven’t yet received a response. Lord Xenos has a submitted a bid to be the Event Steward.
Reported by Seneschal
– Arts Unframed had a scheduled date of October 16. Unfortunately this
conflicts with Home Coming. The date will be changed to October 8th. BAO already had their sarjeanty trials scheduled for that date but they will be moving to a different date. A Date Reservation Form for October 8th has been submitted to the Kingdom Calendar.
Reported by Event Steward, Dame Esclarmonde
– Twelfth Night January 2017. 459 room nights have been reserved of a commitment of 405 room nights. The hotel continues to accept new reservations at the SCA rate. I suggest that the Barony reserve a suite on the Penthouse level and will submit information about this prior to the April business meeting. Report by Event Steward, Lady Liadain ni Sheanachain


– Additional sets of the Wyewood serve ware are available for purchase for $80 plus tax. This includes 2 bowls and 2 plates.
– The projector has been returned.
– Ramona/Ealusaid of Clan Blackstag will discuss June Faire Camping at the March business meeting.


– Ameline has brought books and beads and other items for sale.
– Liadain will be hosting project days on Saturday February 27th and Sunday March 13th.

-Liadain ni Sheanachain

Event Steward Guide

Quick Links to Helpful Resources

Event Proposal Form (PDF) – Fill in and print online form for event proposals

Cheque request forms – Fill in and print or save and attach with scanned receipts.
Please fill out this form completely (with the exception of the bottom 2 boxes that are for the Exchequer’s Office) and submit along with your receipts to Wyewood’s Minister of the Exchequer.
No funds will be given without receipts AND the Cheque Request Form being filled out and submitted. Contact the Minister of the Exchequer if you have any questions.

Site Fee Worksheet –  Worksheet A
Feast Planning Worksheet – Worksheet B
Support Personnel Worksheet – Worksheet C
Event Activity Staffing Worksheet – Worksheet D

Event Steward’s Guide – Event Details

Filling in the Details

You have an idea for the main event activity, perhaps, but what else is going to happen?

  • Is there going to be a tourney?
  • Rapier, Heavy, both? Children’s activities?
  • A feast, quest, Court of Love, A & S competitions, archery, classes?
  • Is your event going to be part of one day, all one day, two days, more?

Make more lists.
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Heraldry information

What Can the Wyewood Herald, Blak Shepe Pursuivant, Do For You?

In the SCA, heralds perform three functions:

  1. Assist participants in developing an authentic medieval name to use at SCA functions and registering it with the SCA College of Heralds.
  2. Assist participants in designing and registering a device (known as a “coat-of-arms” in the modern world) and badge that are in good medieval style.
  3. Make announcements in various forms at SCA events and gatherings, including court, tournament field announcements, and town cry.

If you would like assistance in creating a name, device, and/or badge, please feel free to contact Wyewood’s current Blak Shepe Pursuivant (a pursuivant is the title for a local branch herald) via the Contact link on this site. The pursuivant or one of the heraldic deputies is often available for consultation at the FCS . Look for the person with a table with books, and there’s a good chance you’ve found a herald!

If you are new to the SCA, it is good to know some basics about what constitutes a good medieval name.

See this article for an introduction on SCA names: A Few Words on Selecting and Registering an SCA Name.

Heraldry Resources

If you would like to learn more about names, and devices, and SCA heraldry in general, here are some great links:

An Tir College of Heralds

This site specializes in the heraldry of An Tir.

Here is the place to look for Kingdom Heraldic Officers, the Kingdom Order of Precedence, as well as articles on heraldry.

The Laurel Home Page

This is the Home Page of Laurel Sovereign of Arms, the head Herald of the SCA.

Laurel Website Articles on Names

This page holds links to a wide variety of articles on names.

Learn about general period and SCA naming practices, or read articles about names from a specific place or culture.

It’s a perfect place to begin if you’re just getting started on a name.

The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory: Rules for Submission

These are the guiding principles of what names and devices are acceptable in SCA heraldry.

They are based on medieval heraldic and naming practices.

The Academy of St. Gabriel Name Articles

This organization researches period names. On this site you can find a number of articles on medieval names from a wide variety of cultures.

Search the Academy of St. Gabriel

If you are looking to see if a particular name is period, go to this site and then scroll down to “Search Our Past Work.”

Type in the name to search for information.

Lessons on Heraldic Design for Devices and Badges

This page has a number of lessons that are helpful to know when designing a device or badge.

An Tir Roll of Arms

Trying to get ideas for a device?

The An Tir Roll of Arms depicts practically all the devices registered by residents of An Tir.

However, when browsing this site, please make note of when a device was registered.

The SCA registration rules have changed over time to more accurately reflect period practice.

Just because a design was registered in the past doesn’t mean that its charges and style are acceptable by the current rules.

An Tir Website Heraldry Section

Wyewood’s Event Steward Guide

In addition to the information presented below, check out the Antir Autocrat Tools and Resources, so you’re fully prepared.


So you’re thinking about being the event steward for an event . . . first of all, thank you!
We appreciate your willingness to consider this important job.
Allowing Wyewood and our guests to have a good time, meet new people, learn new skills and maybe make some money.
It’s important that you have a good time, too; after all, you’re one of us–and a successful event steward is a much-appreciated asset to any group.
So it’s in Wyewood’s best interest to help you do the best job you can.
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