Chatelaine/Steward position coming available

After 4 years as Chatelaine, I’m ready to hand over the keys to the
Baronial Castle, with permission of their Excellencies and the
Seneschal of course!

Normally it’s a 2 year term, with options for renewal.

The Chatelaine/Steward is the prime person to provide information to
new comers, both new to the SCA and new to the area.  You would also
be the person to coordinate demos – although some of our demos happen
because of connections within the Barony.  You’re responsible on
reporting number of newcomer contacts, newcomers at events,
participation on demos, and use of Gold Key to the Coronets (B&B),
Seneschal, and Kingdom Chatelaine in the form of quarterly reports.
You should be able to attend events that the Barony sponsors (feasts,
tournaments, etc) in order to greet any newcomers and help them feel

Although my phone number is published, I rarely get phone calls
anymore.  Requests for info generally come via email, and sometime
through Facebook.

I’d like to “retire” at the end of the 1st quarter (Jan, Feb, March).

Yours in Service to the Dream,
THL Gwendolyn MacAuslane of Loch Lomond