Event Steward’s Log

Event Steward’s Log, Supplemental: I make it a general policy to double-check everything; this especially means confirming things with people, even if I have exchanged messages or had conversations with them. Coming back to make sure that you have the right information or that the other person understands what you need from them can save a lot of trouble and emotional turmoil.
For example, the person at the site said I didn’t need a certain piece of paperwork that had been required by the school district last year. To be sure, I checked with the district officer person in charge of facility rental. Lo and behold, I did in fact need that piece of paperwork. Turning it in promptly saved panic later, and even cost, since this was the paperwork that allowed us to waive a janitor.
Another example is that if I am expecting instructors to come to the event, or as is the case with Arts Unframed, Laurels to come to the consult table and scavenger hunt, a couple of weeks before the event I will message them to confirm they are coming. This also serves as a reminder to them for what they signed up to do! 🙂
Basically, I think being an event steward requires a certain amount of paranoia. I assume that somebody – not everybody, but somebody – is going to forget something. So I spend some time checking in with everybody, because I do not have the psychic powers to know who that person is going to be this time.