Event Steward’s Log

Event Steward’s Log: It’s been a busy week! I wrote up a letter to chatelaines to encourage them to promote the event, and sent that to the kingdom chatelaine for distribution. That letter included a letter that chatelaines could, in turn, send to individual newcomers about the event. I wrote up and sent an e-mail for advertising the Laurels and artisans that would be on site (BTW, it would be nice if people let me know if they forwarded it that, thanks!) Tymme cleverly noticed that the Laurel list was longer than the one that he put on the website and asked for a clean list so he could update the website. Since the initial publication of that list on Facebook, several Laurels and artisans have added that they are attending. So I sent him the update and we e-mail chatted about related things. Also, I made a new biffy posting for July Coronation, one aimed more at the general populace rather than those who are already experienced artisans. I don’t want people to think that this is just an event for Laurels to hobnob with each other. I ran off 3 copies and they are in a folder ready to take to coronation.