Event Steward’s Log

Event Stewards’ Log: I made biffy posting fliers and gave them to Ameline to post at May Crown. Tymme sent me a link to a draft website for feedback and I responded with some thoughts. I started on the Crier ad for this year (again cheating by starting with last year’s). I checked to see if the ad for the event on Facebook got posted to other branch’s Facebook pages – it seems it did not. I don’t really want to join a bunch of groups (which some require) just to post this ad. I will bring this up at the business meeting to see if I can get more formal agreements to share the ad to other groups. (If anyone is reading this who wants to share that ad,which is below, please do, and let me know which ones you shared with). In positive news, I just received my copy of the insurance certificate from the SCA, which means that the school district should have it any minute now, too.