Event Steward’s Log, Supplemental

Event Steward’s Log, Supplemental: One of my philosophies of being an event steward, is “Do one thing for the event, every day.” It doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes I answer someone’s e-mail about the event and let that count. One day I decided I wanted to make a collage of last year’s pictures for this year’s Facebook event. So I took a couple minutes to figure out how I could do that – I didn’t make the collage then, I just went to PowerPoint to check if I could overlap pictures on that program, and then cut it with the Snipping Tool. So it was just a moment figuring out how to do the thing, even if I wasn’t going to do the thing that moment. Some days I fish for thing I could do because nothing is urgent. Like one day it was, “Well, I guess I could start on the Crier ad.” One thing a day, and then one isn’t in a panicked rush at a due date, or overwhelmed with a lot to do at once.