Event Steward’s Log

Event Stewards’ Log:
At the end of last week I sent a message to the district office to see if they got all the paperwork, including the insurance certificate. It turned out that the insurance certificate had arrived, but not the application. I checked with the on-site person to whom I’d given the application, and it turned out he was holding several for the next school year and planned to turn them in all at once to the district. Well, at least I know it didn’t get lost.

I went to Junefaire to promote the event. I put up biffy postings, and handed out fliers to all the people I could in the A&S demo area. I talked to Laurels on site to ask if they could make it to the event and participate in the Laurel Scavenger Hunt or A&S Consult table.

Over the days after Junefaire, I put the names of Laurels who could help in an electronic Word document. I noted what activities they were able to help with, and whether I needed to contact them later because they weren’t able to commit at this time.

I sent out an e-mail advertising the event to the Wyewood List and Laurel’s list.

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