Event Steward’s Log

Event Steward’s Log: This last week I have been focusing on getting the word out about what Laurels and artisans will be at Arts Unframed. Since one significant draw of the event is who is there to hobnob with, I want to get that info out well in advance of the event. Part of this meant checking with several of those Laurels to see what their preferred title is (Dame, Mistress, etc.). Once I had that all together, I posted the list on the An Tir Calendar page and on the Facebook page, and sent the info to Tymme to add to the event’s website. I want to send out an e-mail as well, but I’d like to compose a good intro for it so maybe that will happen in a day or two. Additionally, I chatted with a person with some marketing education about how I can aim some of the marketing at newcomers/ people who are new to the arts. They had some great ideas like words to use in ads and working with chatelaines. I hope to implement some of those withing a couple of weeks!