Event Steward’s Log:

Event Steward’s Log: After much life happening, and having to move the event date, I’m finally able to really start the process of putting Arts Unframed together. Here’s what I did this week:
– I started by checking the An Tir calendar to make sure Blatha moved their event so we wouldn’t be on top of each other. Clicking on the link to Arts Unframed just to check it, I discovered the location was incorrect. Once you submit the EIF (Event Information Form) the calendar usually sends you a link that will let you edit your event’s calendar page yourself. I couldn’t find any record of that link so I e-mailed the calendar to get it again. They responded quickly and I at least deleted the incorrect information, and will get to adding more when I have more time.
– I checked if the event was on the Wyewood site, and discovered it was on the main page but with the old date. I e-mailed our webster to get that corrected (thanks Isidora!)
– I started thinking about the website and Facebook page and went looking at last year’s Arts Unframed FB page to see if there were good pictures I could use for the banner this year. I sent FB private messages to some folks who had taken pictures to ask their permission to use them.
– I started filling out the official site application from the Kent School District. The site manager already put me on the school calendar, but the official paperwork still has to go through the district office. In reading the application it reminded me that I need to order an insurance certificate.
– I e-mailed our exchequer Sofia to ask when the next convenient time would be to get a check to pay for the insurance certificate (it cots $50 and has to be ordered from corporate). This turns out to be the next FCS.

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