Arts Unframed


October 6, 2018 BARONY OF WYEWOOD
Come join Wyewood in a day of activity and display, demonstration and learning!
We will have a wide variety of the Arts and Sciences on show, from static displays to brief workshops.  Interested in medieval and renaissance dentistry or dance or coffee-making? Want the opportunity ask questions in a low-pressure atmosphere? This is the event for you!
There will be games, a scavenger hunt, prizes, and the opportunity to ask questions and learn more!  Also, there’s the added bonus of having a delicious buffet lunch available, prepared by one of Wyewood’s own talented artisans–edible performance art is truly medieval.
Event Steward:    HL Tabytha Morgan (Email preferred)
206-300-6341 (Text message only)
Registration fee:   $15 for adults, $10 for adult members, $0 for youth and children.
Optional lunch buffet at $5 each person. Checks payable to Barony of Wyewood, SCA Inc.
Hours:   9 am—5 pm
Site:   Kentridge High School 2430 SE 208th St Kent Wa 98031

"It matters not where you live; Wyewood is a state of mind."