First Wednesday practice coming soon, May 6th!

Greetings Archers!

The sun is lingering in the sky more and more, and fabulous weather has
been welcoming us many mornings. Let’s celebrate that with archery after

This will be at the same location as always at the range near IKEA.

It will start at 4:30 as I am off work at 4pm but work close by. It will
go until 7:30 or until we are too tired to shoot.

This will be a weekly practice, Weather Permitting as always.

Limited loaner gear available so please let me know if you need any!

This is a great time to come relax after a long day, work on form and focus
and just have the fun of watching an arrow/bolt fly.

See you there!

Evrard de Valogne, Chief Archer of Wyewood