Minutes from Wyewood Business Meeting (February 24th)

Wyewood Business Meeting
February 24, 2017

Officer Reports

*   Seneschal – one application has been received (from Liadain)
*   Archery – it’s happening. Some of the materials need to be replaced. This weekend (Feb 25 and 26) is Cupid Gets the Shaft
*   Heraldry – it’s happening. Considering putting together a consulting night with someone who can consult accept and send in heraldic submissions. This idea was met with excitement and Avine will set up something.
*   Rapier – Dearbhail has been managing waivers. A small group of people are attending and one new person is working on being authorized.
*   A&S – Activities are happening.
March 10th FCS – Playing with Gold – a discussion of gold leaf led by Alamanda
March 5th, 26th and April 15th – Project Day at Liadain and Ramon’s
March 19th (3rd Sunday) – Scribal (with gold) at Alamanda’s
March 2nd (1st Thursday) – Fiber Night at Starbucks across from IKEA hosted by Escarlamonde
Culinary and music are not happening at this time.
*   Chateliane – Alamanda has applied for the position
*   Exchequer – Checking balance is $13,655. David Keil(Baron)  and Amy Gembala (Seneschal) have been approved as signers on the account.
*   Chronicler – not in attendance. Liadain is taking notes
*   Chamberlain – not in attendance. We have stuff.
*   Webster – not in attendance. Updates are being made to the site and she is working with Tymme on finding a new hosting service.
*   Coronet – thanks for st Bubba’s Feast. Her Excellency is heading to Gulf Wars and taking gifts for the Canton of Wyldewode.

Event Reports

*   St. Bubba’s Feast (Nov 4th) was successful. More people came than last year. Food was good. Janitor likes us.
*   Don Donatello and Lady Constantia are working on a bid for Wyewood Champions.
*   Arts Unframed (September 30th) bid by Dame Escarlamonde has been accepted.
*   Their Excellencies of Blatha An Or have invited us to join them at their sargeantry trials October 13-15th. Her Excellencies seeks the opinion of the populace. Those in attendance think this is a good idea.

Next Meeting

*   March 24th.

-Liadain ni Sheanachain