Position open: Webster

My term as Webster is up! It was up in August and I didn’t notice! I would like to step down, and soon.

My ‘platform’ when I applied for the job was that I would redo the Wyewood website in such a way that anyone could be the webster. And now I have done that. You don’t need to know code to update the site anymore! Can you write emails, or comments on websites? Then you have all the technical skill you need to update the website.

I have offered to stay on as the background tech person to make sure the site stays up and running. It’s on my server, so I would have been doing that anyway. The webster just needs to update content as needed, manage the mailing list (not much to be done there), and keep an eye on things at the Facebook group.

Many of you would be great at this! Please apply for the job. Once again: NO CODING SKILL REQUIRED.

– Wenyeva atte grene