Scribal Activities – Come play!

I am again opening my house on the following dates for Wyewood Scribal activities:

Sunday, September 13th from 1pm – Alamanda’s house

Time to work on our calligraphy !  Come see and try pens and certain types of calligraphy.

SaturdaySunday, October 12-13th ALL DAY – Barony of Wastekeep

I am going to the Heraldic & Scribal Symposium in the Barony of Wastekeep.  I plan to teach scribalclasses and have fun (maybe overnight it).

Sunday, November 15th from 1pm – Alamanda’s house

So long as the world works in my favor this will be another fine day for working on calligraphy and illumination.

Sunday, December 13th from 1pm – Alamanda’s house

I will have open house with Christmas goodies, apple cider and scribal goodness!

There may be other evenings that I will open my home – let me know if Sunday’s are not good as I want to have as many people as possible able to enjoy trying their hand at the Scribal arts.

NEWCOMERS and EVERYONE else!  There is no previous skill of any artistic kind to come and enjoy the afternoons.  I have a modest library of illuminated manuscripts where the artwork is a wealth of ideas for lifestyle, garb, tools; basically everything you may want to visually enjoy of the many time periods that we all play in.  Please come out!

Email me for address or call/text Alamanda

Alamanda de Claret

Wyewood Scribe (and Shenanigan Instigator)