Upcoming Activities within Wyewood

Below is a list of our upcoming activities within Wyewood. This is NOT meant to be a comprehensive list of events in the surrounding areas or include a copy of our Baroness and Baron’s progress during this holiday season.

– Dec-11 … Business Meeting & Sergeantry Q&A

– Dec-25 … Business Meeting Cancelled – Enjoy time with your Loved Ones!

– Jan-08 … FCS – Tymme has agreed to open the church for populace members not away at 12th Night in Portland.

– Jan-16 … Feast of St. Bubba – Be there for the festivities!

– Jan-22 … Business Meeting

– Feb-12 … FCS

– Feb-26 … Business Meeting

In Service,

Lady Alessandra da Montefeltro
Seneschal Wyewood