Wyewood business meeting minutes 5/22/2015

Wyewood business meeting minutes 5/22/2015
taken by Wyewood Chronicler Vashti of Wyewood (Megan Robertson)
7:10 open
HERALD – (Mir) Esclarmonde has been teaching classes. Mir is cooking up something.
RAPIER- (Don Donato) Rapier is happening. Evrard goes over staying off the grass at the next 3 practises to keep the grass nice for EggFest on 6/6/2015
ARCHERY- (Evrard) Lots happening, more people than ever at practise. We now have 3 butts for TW. We’ll have new hay bales after EggFest. Old hay will be given to Mir for the chickens or composted. Archery cancelled for the next 3 weeks.
A&S- No report
CHATELAINE- (Gwen) One person contacted Gwen. She has KWH with her and they are for sale for $25.
EXCHEQUER- (Sofia) We have $5818.73 in checking and $6693.99 in savings.
CHRONICLER- (Vashti) Working on a new newsletter, hopes to publish once a month. Investigating report submission requirements to Kingdom Chronicler.
CHAMBERLAIN- (Don Donato) Robert has the thrones, everything else from Crown that’s not needed for Junefaire has been taken back to storage.
WEBSTER- (Isadora) Working on a template for End of Event reporting. Referred to Kingdom website for an example.
BARONAGE- (Robert) May Crown was great. (Gabrielle) Will never again *not* warn her Herald or Seneschal when she has presentations in Court. She has been asked to do Queen’s Guard, a great honour. From the Noble Estates meeting at Crown: How do we retain membership? What about a “Come as You Were” event with all our first terrible attempts at garb on display?
Progress- (Gabrielle) Won’t be at Arts Unframed.
Retinue meeting on Tuesday.
Much thanking of retinue for taking care of the B&B
ITHRA- No report.
CHAMPIONS- (Event Stewrd: Vashti) Moving along, most everything in place.
ARTS UNFRAMED- (Event Stewrd: Esclarmonde) Will be at Junefaire to invite people and hang up fliers in biffies.
YULE/ST BUBBA- (Event Steward:) Feast and Rapier tournament. Site is GMVCC. Pre-register for Feast, see bid.
Feast of St. Bubba Bid is voted on and approved.
12TH NIGHT- Crown will not make a decision until July Coronation.
EVENT BID SUBMISSION FORMS- Please add to website.
JULY CORONATION GATE HELP-Lady Fionghuala (sp?) of Midhaven came to ask The Barony for help at gate at July Coronation. Wyewood votes and approves to provide workers for Gate from 10am-2pm on Saturday July 18, 2015.
JUNE 12 COSTUMING CLASS- There will be a costuming class June 12, 2015 with Yvette (Mrs. Spoon).
LAMPWORKING CLASS- July 12, 2015. $6 fee.
BARONIAL MARSHAL REQUIREMENTS- Quarterly report needs to be done. Evrard will fill this postion.
HOSPITALITY- Hospitality is being coordinated by Arabella and Ramona. They are looking for wood bowls and small plates.
Much discussion followed about Event Bid Submission forms.
Meeting closes.