Wyewood Business Meeting Minutes … Sep-25-2015

Wyewood Business Meeting Minutes … Sep-25-2015

Meeting started at 7:15pm; Ended at 8:01pm


Chronicler (Lady Vashti) – Getting caught up on minutes and newsletter, should be good in the next few days.

Marshal (Lord Evrard) – There were 30+ archers at the Black Lion Emprise. HL August Konker won the Madrone Baronial Championship and HL John de Percy won the Black Lion Emprise archery tournament. Wednesday practice next week (Sep-30) is the last of the summer season. There will be a gathering on Oct-24 at AFK Tavern in Renton after that day’s practice to celebrate the archery season.

Chatelaine (Lady Gwen) – No news

Exchequer (Lady Sofia) – Checking balance $5,122.51; Savings balance $6,698.51; Donations received from FCS to date $588.92; Donations received from Archery practices to date $347.00

Herald (Master Mir) – Helped with Sergeantry Opening Court; Thank you to Madrone’s Sergeant HL Karrel der Ermutigender for heralding the Sergeantry Closing Court. Award recommendations are needed, especially for the Piece of the Wye. Mir asked if reimbursement would be possible for attendance at the Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium (site fee $15; Mileage tbd). The Herald budget has money enough to cover this.

Chamberlain/Rapier Marshal (Lord Donato) – No report

Webster (Lady Isidora) – No report

Baron & Baroness (Robert) – Sergentry trials went well despite epic winds, rain, and power failures. The B&B will be splitting attendance of nearby Yule events in December.


Sep-26-2015 … Arts Unframed (Dame Esclarmonde) – Thank you to Sofia and Symonne for taking on more than originally planned (gifts were given). The event is tomorrow. Set-up is at 8am, meet at the bus loop. Bring pens please for the Laurel scavenger hunt. Tear down will be from 5-6pm. Based on responses to date this should be a profitable event 🙂 Bring books to share, your displays, and any projects you might be working on.

Jan-16-2016 … Yule “Feast of Saint Bubba” (Lady Avine) – Due to my major family emergency, I did not get the Crier copy in on time this month. It was a few days late and I have not heard if it has been accepted. We are organizing a planning meeting in the next two weeks and I hope to have a staff meeting in October. We are still looking for a prize for the rapier tourney. Any suggestions will be gladly looked into.

– Lady Symonne is looking for history on Bubba. HL Ameline believes there is some contained in the documents held by the Seneschal. HL Alessandra will check the boxes. Baron Robert indicated there may be some contained in the early canton newsletters.

Jan-13-15-2017 … 12th Night (Lady Liadain) – The deposit check has been delivered to the hotel. A request has been made to the populace re: team leaders. This event will NOT be publicized until after 12th Night 2016. Room reservations can be made beginning February 2016


2016 Budget (Lady Sofia) – Please submit budget requests to Sofia(exchequer@wyewood.org) by October 14. Budgets will be discussed at the Financial meeting and presented to the populace at the October business meeting.
– Arabella would like a budget line item for Hospitality. She was asked to determine approximately what has been spent this year and to submit her request.

– Culinary Guild wants to purchase 10 sets of pottery serving ware at $80/set. Each set consists of two sizes of serving platters and two sizes of serving bowls. Individuals or groups who are interested in sponsering a set should contact Lady Symonne. There are three sets needing sponsorship remaining.


Oct-1 … Fiber Night at Benson Plaza Starbucks
Oct-2/3/4 … Blatha An Oir Baronia Sergeant’s Trials
Oct-2/3/4 … Wastekeep Barons Ball
Oct-9 … Wyewood FCS
Oct-10/11 … Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium
Oct-17 … Madrone Baronial Banquet – Preregistration is required
Oct-23 … Wyewood Business Meeting
Nov-6/7 … Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration – Preregistration is required
Nov-8 … Fall Crown Council
Nov-13 … Wyewood FCS
Nov-27 … Wyewood Business Meeting (Thanksgiving weekend?)