Wyewood Champions!

Rescheduled from August 5th to Saturday, August 26th,

Location:  in Kent, Wyewood’s regular archery field.

Gate Fee: $7 for members and $12 for non-members. Under 18 is free. Lunch is only $5.

Schedule for Wyewood Champions:
7am volunteers begin set-up.
9am gate opens to public.
10am opening court. Swearing in competitors
10:30 heavy and thrown weapons
11:30 rapier.
12:30-lunch, A&S, archery begins
3pm final rounds of archery
4pm closing court

All competitors will be expected to declare their intentions to compete at opening court (10am), and be willing to swear an oath of fealty or service if they should be victorious (4pm). Competitors are not required to be current SCA members. They shall not be champions in another branch at the same time without permission of the Baron & Baroness (please email coronets@wyewood.org by Friday if this applies).

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
* Attend Baronial events during tenure as Champion
* Promote within the Branch and abroad activities associated with their Championship
* Defend the Branch against all challengers in the field relating to their Championship
* Assist in coordinating a tournament to choose their successor
* Attend both the tournament to choose their successor and the
successor’s investiture

Rights include, but not limited to:
* Wear regalia appropriate to their station
* Sit at High Table at Wyewood Feasts if space is available
* Advise the Baronial Coronet in matters of peace and war

Rapier scenarios are London Masters in a round robin format.

Thrown weapons are royal rounds with some novelty scenarios.

A&S needs a single entry, mostly or completely finished, with at least 3 pages of documentation.

Archery will be novelty shoot combined with other, more standard shoot scenarios.

Armored tournament format will be based on the number of competitors.

Bring a dayshade, water, sunscreen. If you don’t want to compete, just hang out.

Hope to see you there.

Baroness Alessandra and Baron Evrard