Wyewood Winter Feast – January 16th, 2016

Greetings unto the populace of Wyewood and those that call her Friend,

Harvests are safely stored for the winter, sheep recalled from the high pastures before the onset of the snows, and the hearth prepped to keep the seeping chill at bay. With quiet within the woods and calm upon the fields, noble Robert, Baron, and serene Gabrielle, Baroness, open the halls of Wyewood for a winter feast to honor and celebrate our quintessential patron saint, Saint Bubba.

Come be seated at the tables of the Lord and Lady of Wyewood. Participate or witness the competition to be the next baronial Arts & Sciences champion. Attend a class on getting situated in our Society. Perhaps compete in a rapier tourney of fun and evil? Most certainly stay and attend a Wyewood feast that follows the travels of Saint Bubba across the Known World until his arrival at the walls of Chepstow!

What: The Feast of Saint Bubba

When: Saturday, January 16th, 2016.

Where: Maple Valley Community Center,
22010 SE 248th Street, Maple Valley, WA 98038

Time: Doors open at 10AM, Feast begins at 6PM.

Fees: Gate is $12/Adult, 18 & younger free ($5 Non-member surcharge applies). Feast is $8 for ages 7 and older, free for ages 6 and under.

Pre-registration: The feast is by pre-reg only. To pre-reg, visit http://sca-events.geyercomputers.com/ and click on Pre-reg.

More info: Additional information about all the activities, full feast info, and more can be found at http://sca-events.geyercomputers.com/

Written by my own paw this sixth day of December, Anno Societatis 50, from my warm manorial roost in Wyewood