Welcome to the Barony of Wyewood!

The Barony of Wyewood is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in south King County, Washington,  USA.

We are a friendly group that enjoys food, fun, and fellowship.

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Greetings, Wyewood!
As was announced by Their Majesties Christian and Hélène and Mistress Attia, Kingdom Seneschal, with guidance from the SCA Board of Directors, An Tir is entering a period of gradually resuming in person activities! We are excited to soon have opportunities to see you in person, as you are comfortable. Here’s what we know:
● In July, we will be allowed to have small Baronial meetings and practices in person. To keep in line with Kingdom policy, these will be limited to those currently claiming residence with Wyewood. While Wyewood is a state of mind, and we love our neighbors joining us for practices, we will have to wait to see you. Guests will still be welcome at online meetings and classes.
● In August, if all goes well, we will be able to resume hosting local events and multi-group practices in person. This will allow us to again welcome our friends and neighbors to the archery range and the rapier field.
● At all meetings and practices held in person, all attendees will need to sign in.
● We cannot provide any food or beverage to participants at any event, practice, or meeting held in person, and as much as this breaks her Excellency’s heart as a food laurel, it is a must. Please bring your own drinks and snacks. This does mean no feasts are currently being scheduled.
● All in person events, practices, and meetings, all local health guidelines must be followed, including mask requirements.
● Kingdom Level and Inter-Kingdom events are still pending. Particularly with An Tir Kingdom events, we are waiting on decisions regarding the reopening of the US-Canadian border. At this time, Wyewood will be resuming in person Archery and Rapier practices in July for local members, weather permitting. We will be welcoming our neighbors if all goes well in August and appreciate their assistance in helping us comply with Kingdom policy. We will continue monthly Social and Business meetings online tentatively through July, depending on weather, and will look at reassessing that as we come closer to fall. We are also planning a Baronial Court in September, and would welcome additional award recommendations. As always, we want you to make the decisions that are best for you and your families. Please make your reentry when YOU are ready. We’ll be here when you are. We look forward to seeing you when you do.
With love,
Barun Alarich and Baroness Aline

Upcoming Local Events

An Tir 12th Night – Jan 7-9 2022 – SeaTac, WA <Kingdom Link>

Find out what other events are going on throughout An Tir. Click Here

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Wyewood’s Mailing Address

Barony of Wyewood, SCA Inc. • P.O. Box 59804 • Renton, WA 98058-9804

"It matters not where you live; Wyewood is a state of mind."