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Greetings unto the Populace of Wyewood, our friends, neighbors, and guests,

Due to the health crisis facing the Puget Sound area due to the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), in consultation with our Seneschal, the Event Team, and our Kingdom Superiors, His Excellency Alarich and I have made the decision to postpone The Feast of St. Bubba, scheduled for March 21st in the Barony of Wyewood. Our amazing event team will be working with our site, who agrees with our decision, to find a date further out in order to reschedule. We will announce it as soon as we know.

Let us first say that the last thing we wished for was a second year of an interrupted St. Bubba’s. Our thinking in scheduling into March was to avoid the chances of a repeat of last year’s Winter Wonderland. But no one could anticipate a major plague descending upon us.

Courtesy and Chivalry are often about what we do for the least of us, and the guidance we are getting from the King County and State Departments of Health to limit gatherings are to slow the spread of COVID-19 not just to our own members, who may withstand the disease with few symptoms, but to those they may come into contact with, who may grow extremely ill or perish from it. We owe a duty not just to those active in our Barony and the guest who would join us for this event, but to the wider populace around us to do the right thing.

We hope that all of you will be able to join us for the new date when it is announced. If you cannot, please let us know if you have pre registered and we will work to refund your registration to you.

We are further ordering the cancellation of all regularly scheduled Wyewood meetings, practices, and guild meetings from today until March 22nd. Between now and then, we will be following the advice and instructions of state and county departments of health closely and determining if additional cancellations are necessary.

Please be kind to each other, support each other as much as you can online, and use the time we can’t be together to pursue the SCA as you can at home through art, sciences, new garb, research, and more.

We remain, always, in Service to Wyewood and An Tir

Alarich, Barun
Aline, Baroness

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Feast of St. Bubba- POSTPONED new date TBD <Kingdom Link>

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