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The Wyewood Email List is a place where Wyewoodians can discuss topics relevant to the Branch, post announcements, etc. All who are interested in Wyewood are welcome!

To subscribe to the list:

Please go to

Fill out the form under “Subscribing to Wyewood.”

You will receive a confirmation email, which you must reply to in order to finish subscribing. Just follow the instructions in the message.

To get a password reminder (or create a new one), change your subscription options, or unsubscribe:

Please go to

Enter your subscription email address and follow the instructions on the page.

The archers of Wyewood also have a list. Click here for the Wyewood Archery Email list information (

Posting Policies

As we are a community, we need to interact with honor and chivalry on this list. As such, we have adopted the following guidelines to assist us in our interactions.

All users of this list are expected to carry themselves in an honorable and chivalrous manner. Post every message as if it was going to be read aloud, in court, in front of strangers, with children present. Often, newcomers will subscribe to this list before they ever come to a Full Contact Social, or other Wyewood/SCA function. We don’t want to actively discourage them away. Access to this list is a privilege, not a right.

Anyone who violates this policy by posting unacceptable types of messages is subject to removal from the list by the list owner. Appeals of these removal decisions can be submitted to the list owner, who will consult with the Seneschal and the Royal Representatives. This group shall decide on the final fate of the subscription in question. Further levels of appeal should follow An Tir Kingdom Law, as well as Corpora.


Discussions concerning policies of the group or issues about the governance of the group.
Postings about upcoming events
Issues concerning the SCA as a whole.
Questions about garb, culinary, fighter, (insert SCA interest here), etc.
Shopping alerts, if relevant to SCA interests.
This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Messages on other topics are also welcome, as long as they are relevant to Wyewoodians or the Branch.

Content previously determined to be unacceptable includes, but is not limited to:

Spam. **(This includes unsolicited mass emails such as “get rich quick” schemes, virus hoaxes, chain letters, porn ads, etc)
Inappropriate advertising. **(Posts by individuals who are only on the list to push their personal advertisements. Especially advertisements that are not related in any way to the SCA or medieval interests.)
Flaming. (Personal attacks on another individual or group.)
Requests for legal, medical or similar advice that would be inappropriate or illegal to give. (Note: requests for referrals are okay, provided all responses are taken off list.)
Personal or private discussions.
Modern religion or politics. (Including signature lines).
“Adult” content.
Continuation of any discussion that has been declared over by the Chronicler, Seneschal, Baron or Baroness.
If you are unsure if a post is appropriate, please contact the Chronicler or Webster. They will help you make the appropriate determination.

"It matters not where you live; Wyewood is a state of mind."