Welcome to the Barony of Wyewood!

The Barony of Wyewood is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in south King County, Washington,  USA.

We are a friendly group that enjoys food, fun, and fellowship.

Want to learn more? Go to about us or come meet some of our members at an Full Contact Social & Business Meetings,   Class, or Marshal Practice.



2023 was an interesting year for Wyewood. We gained people, we saw people receive well deserved recognitions, we saw wonderful fighting and beautiful works of both art and service. The golden hamster roved far and wide, and all knew it. We rejoice in your accomplishments!

2024 is upon us, a new year with a new year’s promise. Let us pool our labor and our might to make it grand. Shake the dust from your banners! Polish your armor and your weapons! Craft your cunning works of all manners and kinds. Show your pagentry, scatter your largesse, make it loud, be proud! For you are Wyewood, and that is no small thing!

It matters not where you go, Wyewood is a state of mind.
Alarich und Aline,
Barun und Baroness von Wyewood

Upcoming Local Events

Day of Archery and Arts
Come join the Barony of Wyewood for a day of archery, thrown weapons, and the Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship!

Find out what other events are going on throughout An Tir. Click Here

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Wyewood’s Mailing Address

Barony of Wyewood, SCA Inc. • P.O. Box 59804 • Renton, WA 98058-9804

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"It matters not where you live; Wyewood is a state of mind."