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June 22, 2024

Wyewood, Rejoice! Today was a successful, fun, and festive day!

Many rounds of archery were shot and thrown weapons thrown. So intent were they, they did not want to stop for the novelty tourney, but rather focus on their practice. So we said, Wye not!

A special commendation was given to young Sammy of Madrone, who despite being the youngest bowmen on the line, kept up handily with the adults. Huzzah, Sammy!

And we have new Champions. First, a heartfelt thanks to Magistra Sapphira Technika for serving past her intended term. You have done so much to promote the arts in Wyewood and we are eternally grateful!

Our new artisan is HL Gwendolyn MacAuslane of Loch Lomond, who showed an impressive display of lace making, embroidery, doll construction and more.

And in a surprise twist, our two Bardic competitors, after presenting
separate pieces, joined together for a piece they jointly composed on site about the history of Wyewood and how it has followed their friendship. We were so impressed by these Bards of Wyewood, as they so called themselves, that we awarded them the title of Premiere Bard of Wyewood as a team. Congratulations to Baroness Wyewood (our founding Baroness) Gabrielle Lepinay and Magister Mire Postumii!

We wish to sincerely thank the event team led by HL Simon Fisc for all their hard work. Special thanks to HL Margaret Palmer who came out to run gate for the morning before leaving to catch her international flight.

Also, thanks always to our Court Coordinator, HL Avine de Hert, who makes our courts better. Any flaws today can be blamed on Her Excellency’s concussion.

We hope everyone had an amazing time. We did and we could not be more proud!

In Service to Wyewood and An Tir,
Alarich, Barun
Aline, Baroness

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