Information on the Brewing Competition at the Feast of St Bubbas

Greetings my Lords andLadies!

Tribe al Badawiyyun& the Apothecary Guild is having a Brewing Competition at the Feast of StBubba!!!

Rules to enter

1. Needs to behomemade (no pre-mixes): cordials, liqueurs, beers, meads, wines, etc. Onlyneed about 12 oz, we’re looking for a little taste. More is always welcome ofcourse.

2. List of ingredients(no amounts, your recipe will be kept secret) just in case of allergies.

3. Brews will bejudged just like a pedigree dog competition 🙂 . They will be judged by whatyou say it is, not against other contestants. Example: if you enter ahuckleberry mead and there’s no huckleberry in it besides some purple dye…or ifyou enter a chocolate liqueur and it doesn’t taste like chocolate…you get theidea. It will be judged on taste, color, clarity and presentation (bonuspoints).

4. Bonus Points: Shortwrite up of brewing method, history story and/or if brew is in a periodcontainer.

Prizes and braggingrights are to be awarded at evening court! Please have your brews turned in by3pm.

If you are interestedin joining, or have questions about, the Apothecary Guild, please speak to LadyTalveen Kaur or Serayna Robinswood of Tribe al Badawiyyun.

Thank you,Lady Talveen Kaur
“Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.”