January Business Meeting

JANUARY 1-22-16 Wyewood business meeting minutes
7:13 open
HERALD – Exciting things. A name passed: Galfred. Herald asked to attend Tir Righ Symposium. Will check budget. Gabrielle wants Mir to go.
ARCHERY- Occasionally happening. Recv’d 38 medallions (kingdom). Thrown Weapons happening 2x per month.
A&S- Reviewed submission guidelines. Classes: Budgeting for even, Esclarmonde will be doing armorial heraldry classes, Sergeantry will begin classes soon.
CHATELAINE- Nothing exciting. Looking for a deputy to take over.
RAPIER – Martin filling in, moving practice to Sundays. Get waivers!
EXCHEQUER- Checking=$7265.40, Savings= $6702.99. One check outstanding. Deposit returned for St. Bubba.
CHRONICLER- Nothing to report.
CHAMBERLAIN- Happening. Lots of storage moving around stuff.
-Gabrielle= St. Bubba’s was great! Bought more beads for award necklaces. Wyewood library going to G’s house, and getting Gold Key to inventory, repair, etc. Trying to figure out details of Serg. Trials.
-Robert = St. Bubba’s was a good event! Thank you! Polling will be mid- to late April. Doesn’t matter how you vote, just vote! Polling will be done in person, not by mail.
-Robert going to Candlemas, Urlulmas.
-Gabrielle going to Ursulmas.
88 through gate = $852.
12 NMS = $60
Total = $2071
Profit = $818!!!
Feb 1 hotel reservations begin. An Tir 12th night calendar good. Rustycon same weekend. Rent a suite for Wyewood? YES! $228 or $171?
OLD BUSINESS UPDATE: Serving ware tax = $6.33
URSULMAS – Volunteers needed, contact B&B
CHAMPIONS – August 6th. Xenos and Constantia?
ARTS UNFRAMED – Event proposal submitted. All present = yes (approved), no “nays” and no abstentions.
POLLING – Seneschal will review guidelines. Will happen in April
DAY OF DANCE – seeking feedback.
WAR PROFITS – $12.50 Avacal/Tir Righ
Meeting closed 8:34
Vashti of Wyewood, Chronicler
Megan Robertson