June Business Meeting


HERALD: Mir not present. Needs/want to train more voice/court Heralds.
BARONIAL MARSHAL/ARCHERY: We got a special mention in a video by Glymm Mere. When asked if they feared Wye archers the response was YES!
We are defending Glymm Mere against BAO in Honey War.
Wye’s Geoffrey won the novelty shoot at Junefaire. Wyewoodians brought home lots of prizes, YAY!
4 July shoot, 10-1pm. Rignach bring a grill.
RAPIER: Martin not present.
A&S: Happening.
Music practice – various Mondays throughout the month, Lady Matillis, avg 2ppl.
Fiber Night – meetings held first Thursday of the month, Dame Esclarmonde, avg 4ppl.
Culinary –meetings held fourth Wednesday of the month, Constantia in der Lachun, avg 4ppl.
Scribal – various days throughout the month, Lady Alamanda, 2ppl.
3rd Heraldry class had 9 people.
Future class: How to write a A&S paper.
CHATELAINE: All’s quiet.
EXCHEQUER: No outstanding checks. Church and Storage need to be paid for next 6 months.
CHECKING = $6537.19
SAVINGS = $6708.59
CHRONICLER: Caught up on backlog of minutes.
CHAMBERLAIN: Storage is fine. Avine wonders if we have renter’s insurance? SCA insurance covers our storage.
WEBSTER: Isadora sent in her report.
BARONESS: Honey War: Wye archers offered to Glymm Mere. Offer accepted.
Sergeantry Badge passed conflict check. Received mote Gold Key. Baroness is very pleased with the B&B candidates.
BARON: Replacement process continuing. He has some glass tokens for the game box. Last court should be at Champions. He will day-trip Coronation.
Sophia asks B&B about Sergeantry Trials, who and where and when? Answer seems to be: No one, nowhere, and will not be happening this year since our last candidate has dropped out!
Baroness calls for populace to consider being Sergeants!
-Wyewood Champions: No update. Reaching out to Alamanda for help with invitations for local B&Bs. Archery has the format for Archery Champion Tourney and will post to email and social media.
-Arts Unframed: May need new person for gate if Constantine can’t be there. Liadainn volunteers to cover gate if necessary. Has paperwork from the school district. Lots of Laurels signed up to participate in the scavenger hunt and consult tables. Website is up and Crier copy is in.
-12th Night: One merchant signed up. Alamanda is making/getting tokens. Kate is doing decorations.
-Feast of St Bubba: Pre-planning meeting soon. Rignach is the head cook.
-POLLING: Send your forms in by June 30!!!!

-Project day at Greywolf July 10.
-Scribal days at Alamanda’s: this Sunday at 1pm and Sunday July3 at 1pm.

Vashti of Wyewood, Chronicler
Megan Robertson