November/December Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Wyewood business meeting minutes
7:19 open
HERALD – Consults are going on. Mir has his badge passed and some others, too. And he needs help with court heraldry.
RAPIER – Rapier is happening, and Martin is fabulous and Baroness loves Martin.
A&S- Computer failure. Culinary is cooking up a storm. Started discussions over soup about different subjects. Looking for topics/subjects for FCS.
CHATELAINE- No report.
EXCHEQUER- Checking = $5937.39. Savings = $6701.85. No outstanding checks and Sophis ia awesome.
CHAMBERLAIN- We have storage.
WEBSTER- Car is in the shop. Changes in website for ease of use. There were 144 broken links fixed to 10. A&S paperwork not yet done.
BARONAGE- Robert- Crown is aware of term of office, Polling next year. Visiting other Baronies for the Yule season. Sergeantry meeting tonight, declarations for the Sergeantry due by St. Bubba. Robert is re-doing wording for awards.
No business meeting in December.
YULE/ST BUBBA – Need gate volunteers. Pre-reg is open, website is up. Herald help is needed. Pieces of the true Wye are available. Story telling contest, desert auction (all deserts must have a card with ingredients listed).
12TH NIGHT- No report.
Final budget approved.
Arts Unframed – October 15.
Scribal at Alamanda’s on Sunday.
Jan 8 FCS Constantia will open the church, please let her know if you’re coming!
Question came up about changing FCS night. No changes made.
August 6 possible for Champions. Xenos will put in a bid.

Meeting close 7:53pm
Vashti of Wyewood, Chronicler
Megan Robertson