Office of Rapier Marshal

Position Description

TN-FencingMarshalThe Rapier Marshal is the officer responsible for Rapier activities within Wyewood.


To be the Rapier Marshal of a Local Branch of the SCA, you must be a currently authorized Junior or Senior Rapier Marshal.
You must maintain your marshal’s authorization for the duration of your term in office.

The Rapier Marshal of a Local Branch of the SCA must be a current member of the SCA, Inc.
You must maintain your SCA Membership for the duration of your term in office.
Terms of office in Wyewood is traditionally two years.
The applicant must be at least 18 years of age in order to hold this office.

Although not required for this office, it is recommended that the Rapier Marshal have a working telephone number.
As email has become the approved medium for the dissemination of information and communication within the Barony and the Kingdom at large, daily access to both email and the Internet is recommended.


Supervising Rapier activities at local events.
Local events include local Rapier practices that meet the definition of event in Corpora.

Ensuring that the proper combat waivers have been completed by all Rapier participants at Wyewood events, including Rapier practices.
All participants in Rapier activities must have signed a waiver before participating.
Proof of having a waiver on file is the possession of a current blue SCA membership card.
Those that cannot produce this must sign a waiver for that event or fight practice.
This can be either an individual waiver, or a roster waiver.
Both can be found at

Ensuring that there is a warranted Rapier Marshal present at all Wyewood events that have Rapier related activities, including Rapier practices.
If Wyewood’s Branch Rapier Marshal cannot be present, a warranted Senior Rapier Marshal must be present in order to have a Rapier practice.

Ensuring that equipment conforms to the required minimums of the Kingdom regulations as listed in the An Tir Book of Combat (ABC).

Ensuring that Rapier fighters and marshals in Wyewood receive proper training.
This does not mean that you have to do all the training, it does mean that you need to see that training is done.
Often it can be beneficial to “import” accomplished fighters or marshals to practices occasionally to do special training sessions.

Ensuring that information is made available to all Wyewood Rapier fighters on armor standards, conventions of combat, rules of the lists, and any other information you are directed to distribute.
To help in this regard, you should probably subscribe to the marshals email list.

Assisting in the authorization of new Rapier fighters.
This means giving local authorization.
Local authorization will allow a new fighter the ability to fight in the local Rapier practice and at small local events.
You will want to keep a formal record of these “local” authorizations.
A Warranted Senior Marshal must perform the authorization for participation in kingdom or regional events.
For Kingdom authorizations, completed originals of the authorization forms (found at must be mailed to the Kingdom Lists Minister, as soon as possible, for the authorizations to be valid.
Part of the authorization is the signing of the waiver, which must be kept on file by the Kingdom Lists Minister.

Keeping authorization records on all Rapier fighters in Wyewood and keeping records on all Wyewood Rapier activities.
Having your own records will help if there are questions about authorizations.
It can also be used to remind the fighters when their authorizations will expire.

Submission of required quarterly reports to the appropriate superior marshal and the Wyewood Seneschal in accordance with the schedule requirements listed in An Tir Kingdom Law and the An Tir Book of Combat.
Also keep a copy in your office files.

Include in inventory a record of loaner armor, wepons, and other armored combat relaeted eguipment.
Some of it has been donated to Wyewood; some has been merely loaned to Wyewood.
The owners of the armor are to be duly noted in the inventory.
You will need to develop a process that keeps track of any item that is loaned out, and how to recover or replace the item if lost or damaged. (Damage of course is a normal happening in the course of armored combat activities.)

The Rapier Marshal is expected to inventory and maintain any Barony regalia, property and records assigned to or held by them.
They are expected to transfer these items in good order to their successor or to the Seneschal if no successor exists.
They are expected to arrange advertising for, or the training of a successor.
They are expected to attend regular officer and business meetings unless prior arrangements are agreed to.
They are expected to submit a yearly office budget to the Barony Financial Committee.

Maintain the printed handbook and update as needed to keep in compliance with the governing documents of the SCA, Inc.