Office of Seneschal

Position Description

SeneschalThe Seneschal is the legal representative of the branch.
The Seneschal has the authority to sign all contracts.
The Seneschal shall make sure that things are done pursuant to the restrictions of all Modern, Corpora and Kingdom Law.
The Seneschal will work with the Chatelaine to handle all public relations, and conduct the business meetings.
The Seneschals coordinate the other branch officers.
The Seneschal is a required to be a signer to the group bank account.
The Seneschal position cannot be vacant at any time for a Branch to maintain its active status.


The Seneschal of a Local Branch of the SCA must be a current member of the SCA, Inc.
You must maintain your SCA Membership for the duration of your term in office.
Terms of office in Wyewood is traditionally two years.
The applicant must be at least 18 years of age in order to hold this office.

Although not required for this office, it is recommended that the Seneschal have a working telephone number.
As email has become the approved medium for the dissemination of information and communication within the Barony and the Kingdom at large, daily access to both email and the Internet is recommended.

The Branch Seneschal is not responsible to supervise the other officers, but instead to aid in the their cooperative efforts.
The applicant should have a working knowledge of all offices within the branch.
The branch Seneschal is also expected to hold needed vacant offices and all the duties of that office on a temporary basis as long as this does not conflict with Corpora or Kingdom law.


Organizes and presides over the Barony of Wyewood monthly business meeting.
This meeting is to review ongoing business of the Barony (event planning, officer reports, activity reports, guild reports, etc.).

It is the duty of the Seneschal to:

  1. Collect and post the agenda for the meeting
  2. Inform the populace of the location and time of the meeting
  3. Reserve a place for the meeting
  4. Chair the meeting
    1. post the business meeting notice to the email list
    2. print out an agenda for the meeting
    3. receive activity and officer reports

The Seneschal provides quarterly reports on the Barony’s status to their principality superior as well as a year-end summary.

The Seneschal shall receive copies of the quarterly reports from the other officers of the Barony.

There are quarterly Kingdom Curia meetings that the Seneschal should attend.
These occur at 12th Night, Crowns and Coronation.
A representative should be sent if the Seneschal can not attend.
The meetings are open to anyone.
Curia meetings other than Kingdom level, but including multiple branches are ad-hoc and infrequent.
The Seneschal or appointed representative should attend.

The Seneschal must review the monthly bank statement with the Exchequer.
Reviewing the checkbook and make sure each check issued has 2 signatures.

Engage in the daily business of the Barony such as but not limited to:
officer change forms, event forms, review and sign contracts, answer inquiries through mail or email, review autocrat progress.

Maintain a Seneschal’s notebook including:

Blank forms people might need at any event the Seneschal attends, Copies of all of the Officer submissions forms for reference, Waiver forms, Legal documents such as Corpora, Kingdom Law and SCA proof of insurance, and Nice to have information, etc.

Seneschal-held items may at minimum include:

Framed Wyewood charter, Silver belt key, P.O. box key, Seneschal notebooks, Barony files

The Seneschal shall be a co-signer of the Doomsday report–the year-end of the financial activities for the year:
money in, money out, any changes in inventory, etc.
The Exchequer produces this report and at the start of the new-year reviews the content of the report with the financial committee of the Barony
The Seneschal is required to be a member of the Financial Committee.

At any Wyewood event where Waivers are required the Seneschal must assure that copies of Kingdom Law and the Organizational Handbook are available.

The Seneschal is expected to inventory and maintain any Barony regalia, property and records assigned to or held by them.
They are expected to transfer these items in good order to their successor.
They are expected to arrange advertising for, or the training of a successor.
They are expected to attend regular officer and business meetings unless prior arrangements are agreed to.
They are expected to submit a yearly office budget to the Barony Financial Committee.

Maintain the printed handbook and update as needed to keep in compliance with the governing documents of the SCA, Inc.