St. Bubba thank yous from the Lady Avine

Greetings Wyewood,
Now that I’ve had a bit of time to rest and recover I would like to thank
everyone who helped make the Feast of St. Bubba a success. There are so
many and I know I will miss names but here goes.
Lord Konrad, M’lady Hanako, Don Donatello and all those who came early and
stayed late to help set up and clean up (and reminded me to sit down when I
hurt too much to walk but did it anyway).
M’lady KC for help with setup and the lovely greens for the tables.
Lady Jorunn for playing for dancing and court, and well, “Duck tape!”
Maestra Sara for leading the dancing.
Maestra Althaia for teaching her SCA 101 class.
Lady Adrianna for teaching her games class.
All the kids who served the tables and Lady Emma for wrangling them.
Lord Evrard and Lady Natasha for managing court.
Lady Irene for running lists and being my stand-in as court coordinator.
Lady Symonne, Lady Sophia and all those who came to help test and choose
recipes, help with precooks, and the day-of kitchen staff. Oh goodness, the
wonderful food!
Warder Martyn for running the Rapier prize tourney.
Lady Talveen for the brewer’s contest.
Lady Marguerite for the dessert auction and the wonderful storytelling
Lady Vilda for the artwork of St. Bubba.
Lady Alessandra for managing gate and all those who sat shifts.
Lord Constantine for the help with advertising and reading of the
introductions to each course.
Lord Tymme for the creation of the website and generally supporting me
through this process.
Lady Symonne for her constant guidance and support as our Steward Mentor.
And, most of all, to my Archos and co-steward, Lady Dearbháil for holding
down the fort when my life got far too complicated and for taking a chance
with me.

In service to Wyewood and the Dream,
Lady Avine