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Event Steward Guide

Quick Links to Helpful Resources

Event Proposal Form (PDF) – Fill in and print online form for event proposals

Cheque request forms – Fill in and print or save and attach with scanned receipts.
Please fill out this form completely (with the exception of the bottom 2 boxes that are for the Exchequer’s Office) and submit along with your receipts to Wyewood’s Minister of the Exchequer.
No funds will be given without receipts AND the Cheque Request Form being filled out and submitted. Contact the Minister of the Exchequer if you have any questions.

Site Fee Worksheet –  Worksheet A
Feast Planning Worksheet – Worksheet B
Support Personnel Worksheet – Worksheet C
Event Activity Staffing Worksheet – Worksheet D

Event Steward’s Guide – Event Details

Filling in the Details

You have an idea for the main event activity, perhaps, but what else is going to happen?

  • Is there going to be a tourney?
  • Rapier, Heavy, both? Children’s activities?
  • A feast, quest, Court of Love, A & S competitions, archery, classes?
  • Is your event going to be part of one day, all one day, two days, more?

Make more lists.
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Wyewood’s Event Steward Guide

In addition to the information presented below, check out the Antir Autocrat Tools and Resources, so you’re fully prepared.


So you’re thinking about being the event steward for an event . . . first of all, thank you!
We appreciate your willingness to consider this important job.
Allowing Wyewood and our guests to have a good time, meet new people, learn new skills and maybe make some money.
It’s important that you have a good time, too; after all, you’re one of us–and a successful event steward is a much-appreciated asset to any group.
So it’s in Wyewood’s best interest to help you do the best job you can.
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