Baron Wants You! (To give award recommendations!)

Greetings amazing people of Wyewood,

Baroness Alessandra and I need your help.
This season of feasting we have been travelling throughout the kingdom
visiting our cousins.  From in Glymm Mere in the south to the Great White
North of Tir Righ, we have been assisted by those who graciously
volunteered as retinue for us.
But as we have travelled, we have possibly missed the actions of those who
work hard to keep our barony strong.

Service, the willing hand offered to help, is the lifeblood of the Dream.
Did you witness acts of service worthy of recognition?  If not that is well
BUT if you did we want to hear from you!

Martial prowess is the strength upon which we depend on to defend our
lands. On the ranges or at the practice/tourney fields did you see acts of
chivalry worthy of note?  If yes, please tell us!

The Arts and Sciences are the heightened mind melded with skilled hands to
create so many of the things we hold dear.  From banners and boxes to bread
making every thing is created by us.
Have you seen any recent artistic works that deserve to be recognized?  We
want to know!

And if you see anyone new to our branch, aspiring to be better
everyday, pitching in where they can, first please thank them and then tell
us so we may also thank them for their efforts.

In short, we need you as our eyes so no one who does well in Wyewood is
missed in being recognized.

Many thanks!
Evrard & Alessandra
Baron & Baroness of Wyewood