Canton of Wyldewode

Greetings Wyewood!
As you may heard there is a new branch being created in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. This Canton wishes to be called Wyldewode and as their name is similar to Wyewood, they have requested permission of the heralds (and of us) to do so. Wyewood being a group of generous gentles has not only overwhelmingly said yes, but there have been requests (dare I say demands) that they be known as our sister branch.  
I am putting together a package of gifts for Her Excellency to take with her to Gulf Wars and deliver to a representative from (the now incipient) Canton of Wyldewode. I am accepting any and all donations for our cousins to the east. These are to be gifts for members of the populace.
I also have a book into which you are invited to write your own words to this new branch; they may be words of welcome, wishes of prosperity, a favorite memory of the SCA, or a beautiful drawing. I am touched by those that have already penned their entry. I will have this book with me at the FCS on February 10th and the meeting on February 24th. If you are unable to attend any of those meetings and would like a message included, please send it to me via email (lady.liadain @ and I will be sure that it is included.
-Liadain ni Sheanachain