Thank yous from the steward of the Feast of St. Bubba

Greetings Wyewood,
Now that I am somewhat rested and have had a bit of time to collect my
thoughts, I would like to offer my thanks to all who helped make this Feast
of St. Bubba a successful event.  To any I have missed, I offer apologies.
A team may require a leader, but a leader is nothing without the support and
dedication of their team.

My thanks to Her Majesty Dagrun Stjarna, Baroness Aelisia of Glymm Mere,
Baron Conchobar and Baroness Eilidh of Dragon’s Laire, and Baron Enzio and
Baroness Spike of Madrone for joining us for our humble event.
My thanks to Baroness Alessandra da Montefeltro for the beautiful site
tokens and for managing preregistration.  To Lady Alamanda de Claret for
fetching coffee for the sleepy set-up crew.   To Don Donatello Asino and
Lady Vilda Leusch for moving supplies to and from site.  To M’lord Geoffrey
of the Reeds, M’lady Eadaoin, Don Donatello, Lord Oddr Thialfason, Lord
Gabriel De La Roche, Lady Arabella de Fontaine, and others I did not see or
did not catch their names for set up and take-down.  To all those who sat
gate.  To Lord John de Percy, M’lady Gwir ferch John, and Lady Petronella
Kovacs for helping to manage table spacing when things got a bit
challenging.  To my teachers, Maestra Sara de Bonneville, Lady Adrianna the
Fierce, and Lord Emil of Dragon’s Laire for sharing your knowledge and joy
with us.  To Lady Alizand Thorgeirsson nee’ LeFevre for bringing the Youth
and Family Achievement Program display.  To Lady Marguerite fitz William for
not only running our Court of Love, but teaching a class about it earlier in
the day.  To Lord Ramon Diaz de la Vega for managing our Rapier tournament.
To Lady Wulfwyn Aethelwulfsdottir for creating a lovely box as a prize for
the tourney.  To Lady Arabella, Baroness Gabrielle Lepinay, M’lady Gwir, and
M’lady KC for the lovely decorations.  To Lady Talveen Kaur for running our
brewing contest.  To Lady Liadain ni Sheanachain for running our largess
contest.  To Lady Jorunn Aslaksdotter for the lovely music.  To Master
Robert Trinitie for running the dessert auction.  To Lord Xenos Makellares
for being the auctioneer and for managing servers.  To the Barony’s children
and Lady Liadain for serving.  To Lady Lianor Pereira do Valle for standing
in for me as Court Coordinator.  To Lord Oddr Thialfason for doing me the
honor of performing my Heraldic Baptism.  To Lady Sofia de Toledo for the
wonderful lunch.  I need the recipe for that chicken and garbanzo bean soup!
To the Madrone Culinary guild for the loan of serving dishes.  To Master
Robert and Baron Aladar Stensen for washing dishes.  To the wonderful, well
orchestrated kitchen crew.  To Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol for all the
advice and guidance you provided.
My deepest thanks to Lord Constantine Trewpeny and Lady Symonne d’Aywaille.
You did so many things I lost track but most especially managing gate.  To
Lady Gwendolyn MacAuslane of Loch Lomond, M’lady Gwir, Lady Liadain, Lady
Lianor, and Lady Petronella for tag-team caring for me and reminding me to
care for myself.  To Lady Petronella for being my ‘auxiliary brain’ during
the event.  To Tymme Lytefelow for creating the website, running lists, and
generally always being there when I needed.  To my Co-steward, Baroness
Gabrielle for managing advertising the event, the set-up of the tourney, and
a million other things.  To Lady Rignach of Argyll, for your unending “can
do” attitude, support, and faith in me.  The menu that you and Countess
Elisabeth presented was wonderful.
And finally, to Baron Evrard and Baroness Alessandra and to the Great Barony
of Wyewood for allowing me a chance to showcase our hospitality and
celebrate the accomplishments of our fellows and the joy we take in The
In service,
Lady Avine de Hert
Steward, Feast of St. Bubba