Emprise of the Sable Lion is coming!!!

Greetings Archers!

This is your Chief Archer (for a bit longer that is) and I wanted to
encourage all to come to Emprise!
There will be pageantry! (You know, where people dress all cool and fancy
and carry banners and say froofy stuff.)
There will be Equestrian! (Because horsies are way super rad and horsies
playing games with riders is even better!)

But but but….there is Archery Fest the same weekend! Whatever shall we

Come to Emprise, trust me.
Not just one day, BUT TWO!!!
The first day will feature:
York Round but with trees to sight off of and usually no fickle wind to
fight through.
Period Shoots and Fun Shoots!
The Second day has:
Roving Stump Shoot- with gambling (of a sort, should be a hoot)
Clout Round!

But but Evrard, we could win prize arrows at Archery Fest!
You know who has made the prize arrows 3 times out of the last 5?