Consult Table at Arts Unframed

Looking for help or feedback on A&S projects or research? Bring your questions to the Arts and Sciences Consult table at Arts Unframed, October 8 in Wyewood. Here is a schedule of when our expert artisans will be available to give feedback and guidance on your current and potential work at the Arts and Sciences Consult Table.

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Mistress Elizabeth Blackdane – Costuming, esp 16th century; basic research
Sir Michael Richard the Tall- Shoemaking, leatherworking
Sir Stefan of Pembroke – Metalworking, esp. lost wax and bronze casting
Mistress Alisaundre ni Feidhleimeidh dal gCais – Performing arts

12:30-2:30 PM
Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes – Weaving, bookbinding, embroidery, kumihimo, leather tooling
Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol – Culinary, costuming
Baron Duncan Angus MacDonald – Ceramics
Mistress Eulalia Piebakere – Culinary, 13th and 14th century culture, research papers

2:30-4:30 PM
Mistess Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue – vocal and instrumental music, costuming
Magistra Turrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais – Scribal arts
Mistress Annisa Elisabetta Gabrielli – Scribal arts, equestrian, 14th c. costume
Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin – costuming, oil painting, embroidery, jewelry

In Service,

Dame Esclarmonde de Porcairages